41 Outstanding Web Design Agency Layouts

Web design agencies have become more creative and transparent in the recent years. It’s easier for a young professional to launch their own agency now than ever before! All the information is out on the web and you can pick up clients with just a few weeks of networking. But to create a truly impressive agency or studio website portfolio requires a bit of finesse and a lot of practice.

I have rounded up some of my favorite examples from across the Internet. In this showcase you’ll find 41 very impressive design studio & agency website layouts. This is perfect for new designers who are looking for inspiration when building their own site. Or also for agencies who need to be on the cutting edge of web design techniques. Whatever your desire I hope this gallery of exhilarating web design agencies can push your creative gears into overdrive.


Tep Chann Nimmith Tek website design portfolio

Tone Agency

Tone Design Agency Studio website layout

Domani Studios

Domani Studios website design portfolio gallery

Cast Iron Design Company

Cast Iron website portfolio layout design

Michela Chiucini

Michela Chiucini website designer freelance portfolio


Juicebok website australian agency


The Bodhum Studio Gaming Network fansites game guides

Kisko Labs

Dark Kisko Labs website design layout


Denmark digital agency website Mustache


Whiteboard agency design studio branding

Poco People

Poco People digital portfolio design agency


We Are Royale design studio agency

The Penthouse Project

pent house project website studio layout

Saganowski & Co

Company Saganowski website studio portfolio


Dataveyes website design agency layout


Digital Agency website design pulp fingers


Thirty-Six Creative Studio agency design


No-Bo Digital Interactive agency website layout


Dotfusion website design layout


illustration website design Imaginamos layout


Animade art studio UK Great Britain


Barabra digital media studio website layout


Demodern digital website agency studio


Humaan digital products mobile design agency


Superlovers website agency design studio

Full Stop Interactive

Full Stop Interactive website design studio

Impala Web Studio

Impala website studio layout design

Create Digital Media

CreateDM Create Digital Media website studio agency

Studio Breakfast

Breakfast startup design studio website layout

Social Design House

pink cute website agency studio layout


Push Here webdesign studio agency


Drexler drxlr website agency studio webdesign


Character Design Identity Branding Agency - San Francisco, California

Kokokaka Creative Studio

Koko Kaka web design agency studio

Carnation Group

CarnationGroup web design agency interactive studio


dark portfolio studio website layout

Hitmo Studio

Hitmo web design studio website layout


Digital web design agency studio Capsula layout

Smart Cookie

SmartCookie London UK Creative Agency Studio

Second Story

Second Story Interactive Design Studio Website

Hot Studio

Hot Design Studio Agency website layout portfolio