42 Remarkable Websites Built using Adobe Flash

Building websites on Flash has been a thing of the past for many years. Google just can’t crawl through Flash-based pages and because of this Flash-based layouts can suffer poor SEO rankings. However there are many reasons you could still want to use a Flash site – either for games or some type of interactive web concept. Even for a smaller portfolio site about yourself or an upcoming project.

Flash websites are beautiful since they can make use of heavy scripting along with detailed animations. SEO is obviously a problem, but creating static pages is one solution around this. If you really love Flash-based websites then this inspiring design gallery is just for you! Check out some of these examples and see how you feel as a user visiting these websites. There are plenty of reasons to stay away from entirely Flash-based websites. Yet they still look gorgeous and the presentation capabilities are nearly infinite.


twistcube adobe flash website layout

Got Milk?

got milk flash website layout inspiring

Immersive Garden

immersive garden flash website background

Erguvan Platin Evleri

colorful flash website layout inspiring erguvanplatin


flash website custom layout tangled decals

Keeper’s Game

keepers flash game in browser layout

Lilia’s Planet

lilias planet website flash layout inspiration

Hello Monday

hello monday website inspiration flash layout


unoplus website flash design layout inspiring


animad illustration design flash portfolio website

Michael Kelley Photography

michael kelley photos portfolio flash website


flash website magnetic north interface

Guillaume Tomasi

flash live website portfolio guillaume tomasi


artistic dopeo flash portfolio inspiring

Gilson Schacknik

flash music website layout inspiring gilson


2advanced flash website layout inspiring

Anton Pawlik

antpaw website flash interactive layout

Mis Architecture

mis architecture flash website layout


thibaud portfolio flash website layout

Recycled Lifeforms

recycled life forms flash website layout

Born with Design

flash website layout interface babies

Adobe Museum of Digital Media

flash website inspiring adobe museum


flash portfolio digital graphics yodabaz

World of TeleWare

digital interface teleware flash website

Cheese & Burger Society

dark website flash burger cheeseburger layout

Anthony Hewitt

anthony hewitt tailor UK flash website


dancer band website flash layout


pepperworks media company internet flash website


neumann health flash website layout


flash website layout thunderfuel inspiration


werkstatt flash website design layout

Yves Renard

yves renard fashin website layout summer 2013

Eric Campbell

flash 1986 website established portfolio

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

theatrhythm final fantasy video game website flash layout


admedia studio flash website vectors


official waterlife flash website layout

Michelberger Hotel

michel berger hotel website flash layout

Logartis 2011

tree sunlight logartis flash layout

Polar Bear Plunge

arctic polar bear plunge game flash website


online texture flash portfolio greydient

Creative with a K

creative with a k flash portfolio website layout

David Nolan

david nolan flash website nyc gallery inspirational