44 Beautiful Japanese Website Layouts for Design Inspiration

The various trends of web design in Japan can be difficult to understand. There is a large following of Japanese web developers who keep up with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery concepts. This means you can find a myriad of wonderful layouts all designed from people in Japan. Much like the western view of web design, there are both good and bad examples to be found everywhere on the Internet.

I have put together this collection of 44 unbelievably inspirational Japanese websites. It is important to keep in mind that Japanese as a language can be used to convey information differently than English. You may notice slight variations to body text, navigation items, footer links, and other common pieces of webcopy. But these layouts are certainly worth a glance for anybody interested in studying the advancing trends in global web design.


kakezan japanese website layout dynamic

Kyoto Healthy Housing

custom header japanese webdesign inspiration


codeprep coding training website japanese landing page


learning website japanese layout keihonavi


sanrio website japanese layout cojp inspiration


jpg jaypeg website japanese layout interface

Little World

japanese little world website interface


japanese simple website layout akitacity


lilylily japanese pink website layout


web design news articles japanese network


japanese media company homepage spicebox


css web design trends articles japanese homepage


japanese books website layout inspiration honcbu

Blooming Dear

japanese website layout planner wedding

Origami for iPhone

japanese mobile app landing page origami

Shin-ei Academy

shinei academy japanese clean website layout


japanese real estate sales website layout


typography simple minimalism layout japanese

Hokkaido Gas

beautiful japanese illustration website layout hokkaido

Web Design Recipes

iheart web design magazine blog japanese layout

Prego CMS

blue bright japanese cms engine homepage prego design


co2 wood texture japanese website layout

Nuts Kitchen Studio

japanese food kitchen website layout interface

Kyoto Photography

kyoto wedding photography photos pictures


oklah website japanese white minimalism design


dark gold website interface design kahou japanese


website design japanese layout interface skyarc


japanese lwell living healthy website layout

La Suite Kobe

Hotel La Suite Kobe Japanese website layout

Mutations Studio

mutations studio ltd website japanese interface


japanese campfire orange brown website layout inspiration


utura website inspiration webdesign layout


japanese illustrated background website design hokusai

Friendly Home

japanese website layout friendlyhome homepage

Yume Co Lab

yume co company japanese website layout

Fabric Arts Recruit

fabrics recruting 2014 website layout japanese typography inspiration

Memorial Sou

memorial sou website inspiration animals japanese

Uru Katsu

japanese website interface layour webdesign coding


japanese header website design illustration landscape


ecommerce sales website handbags japanese interface

Onsen Japan

onsen website japanese interface inspiration design

House Story

webdesign japan japanese housestory website real estate

Tsuchida Medical Clinic

childrens medical center website japanese inspiration

The Association

association japanese website interface layout webdesign