44 Freebie PSD UI Templates for Video & Audio Players

There have been a lot more freebie releases over the course of 2013. Designers from around the world are more familiar with sharing their works on the Internet. And some of these ideas specifically relate to video players and mp3 user interfaces. Frontend web developers have the ability to make these PSDs come to life with just a bit of HTML5 and CSS3.

In this gallery I have put together 44 outstanding PSDs showcasing video and audio players. Any web developer who has been struggling with these ideas should check out my collection. The PSD files are all free to download and use on any number of projects. But if we have missed any gems feel free to share in the post discussion area.

Video Player Interface

free video player ui design psd

Compact Music Player

freebie music player compact psd

Custom Video Player Design

freebie video psd layout inspiration

Media Player

media player psd freebie release

Music Player UI

media player ui interface designs

Freebie Video Player

freebie minimalist design interface layout

Circular Music Player

circular music player mp3 design ui

Blueprint Player with Artwork

album artwork music player design ui psd

YouTube-Style Video Player

youtube video style player psd

Lyrics Player PSD

freebie psd design download photoshop

Mini Media Player

HD hidef media player music ui design

Audio Interface

freebie psd audio player designs

Free Video Player Skin PSD

freebie psd photoshop skin ui player

Video Player PSD

blue video player ui psd graphics

YouTube Video Skin PSD

transparent player skin ui design

Minimalist Audio Player

minimalist player ui design interface

Simple Radio Player

radio player album artwork design ui

Dark Video Player w/ Rating

freebie psd download video player media

Snappy Light Video Player

snappy light video player ui design psd download

Online Music Player

online music player ui design psd freebie

Douban FM Player PSD

freebie psd music player radio design

Grooveshark UI PSD

grooveshark design psd ui download freebie

Little Free PSD Player

flat white simple music player mp3

Transparent Video Player

psd video player transparent ui

Awesomeness UI PSD

awesomeness ui design freebie psd download

UI Video Player Design

ui design video player psd download

Music And Video Players PSD

freebie psd music video interface

HD Interface Player

hd hidef video player ui designs

Flat YouTube Player

flat user interface designs graphics psd

Music Player

album artwork player music ui design

Rdio Layout PSD

rdio layout psd freebie graphics

Audio Controls Interface

audio controls interface ui design

Web Video Player

psd freebie website video player ui design

Flat Vimeo Player

flat video vimeo player ui design psd

Mini OSX Player

yellow mini music player osx interface


psd freebie mini audio player interface

Audio Player PSD

audio player psd freebie design download

Radio Player

music album artwork radio player design

Clean & Simple Player

mini audio player clean psd freebie

Mini Video Player

mini video player ui psd freebie

Mini Music Player

mini music audio player ui psd freebie

Media Player Skin

dark media player ui skin design freebie

Dark Video Player UI Design

dark video player ui design download

Classic YouTube Video Player

retro old youtube video player ui design freebie psd