44 Mobile Android App Interfaces for Design Inspiration

Mobile smartphone applications have become a trendy market in our fast-advancing technological era. The iOS App Store was a huge leap forward and Google was smart to jump onto this bandwagon. Android users now have access to a large marketplace of applications for tools, resources, games, and a whole lot more.

If you’re a UI designer or app developer then this showcase is definitely worth checking out. I’ve cataloged a large handful of newer Android app UI designs from Dribbble members. These aren’t usually taken from real applications, but instead posted as sample designs for potential mobile apps. You can find neat concepts and unique interface elements to help craft your own project ideas in the future.

Vonn Mobile Material Design UI Kit


Food Orders

android app ui mobile design food ordering

Planet Weather Widget

android planet weather widget ui app

Dinner Party

dinner party event dribbble ui android shot

Cezanne Android App

google android mobile app ui design


dark android app ui design thoughtback

Dribbble Profile

pink dribbble profile app android ui

Telefónica Mobile App

telephone android mobile app ui design

Android Settings

mobile android app ui design settings page

Local Shop Finder

dark yellow android ui app design

Netflix Concept

netflix android app ui design homescreen

Android Navigation

android nav menu ui design interface

Dropdown Menu

android navigation dropdown links menu

Play Anything Live

google android play anything app ui design

Woman.ru Android App

woman russian mobile android app ui

Joyride Android Music App

joyride android mobile music app interface

Side Navigation

new android side sliding navigation menu

Dark Graph

green dark graph android interface ui

Address Book

yolu address book android ui app


usaid android app ui design dribbble


preferences settings panel android app

Social App

android ui design social app layout

Notification Panel

notification panel android app ui concept

Sample UI/UX

simple android ui ux design screenshot inspiration

Sliding Side Menu

side navigation menu sliding android app


hometalk android app gallery ui design dark

Vkino Android App

vkino android app ui design

Hong Kong Tourism App

hong kong android tourism mobile app ui

Steam Android Redesign

dark android app ui steam gaming

ToDo App Interface

todo app interface android mobile ui

Chat UI

dribbble mobile android app chat user interface

Memo App

Dark Inbox

email inbox app android dark interface

Taxi Driver App

taxi rates calculator app android interface


nexus4 android mobile app interface

RFID Scanner

rfid interface scanner android mobile app

Food Finder App

food finder app ui android mobile

On Now

on now android sneak peek mobile app ui

Speak Louder

speak louder android ui app design

Video Details

post video details android mobile app design

Radio Dakwah

radio dakwah concept android app ui design


360 degree recording android app ui design

Create Memory App

capture footage photo android app memories ui

Android Equalizer

dark android visual equalizer app interface


categories android app gallery ui flat design