45 Examples of Sleek Contact Forms in Web Design

When creating a new website there is always a time when you consider how your visitors will get in touch. Adding a simple contact form into your layout is the quickest solution for support. Visitors don’t need any e-mail client and yet they can still send out ideas to you, and possibly even expect a response!

In the past we’ve written about useful contact form tutorials for web developers. But in this gallery I want to evoke new inspiring ideas for the future of contact form design. Website user interfaces are so crucial in leaving an impact on your audience. Try looking over some of these examples and see if you can put together ideas for your own contact form designs.

Mostly Serious

Mostly Serious Marketing design contact form

Snoggle Media

Textured E-mail Form Snoggles Media

Dewey’s Pizza

Dewey's Pizza suggest contact form

Cafe Evoke

Cafe Evoke website contact form

The GLG Group

dynamic ajax contact form display


WPBundle Website contact form messages support

Denise Chandler

Denise Chandler freelance portfolio contact form


DocDriver website contact form design

Source Canvas

Source Canvas contact form retro

Select Properties

Select Properties mortgage homes contact form fields

Bianca Mangels

Freelance portfolio Bianca Mangels contact form

Tone Agency

Tone Agency web design London contact form


CakeMail website contact form design


Syropia website design contact form


Resolution IM website contact form design

Always Creative

Always Creative agency website contact form


Website design contact form layout webapp

Jessica Djaafar

Retro website design contact form


Fhoke Website Design Agency contact form

Fork CMS

Open source ForkCMS website contact form

Focus Lab, LLC

Focus Lab website design contact form

Simple as Milk

Simple as Milk design agency contact form


Winicio  Land of Believers contact form

Pixel Kammer

Pixel Kammer website design contact form layout

Code Quest

Code Quest website design contact form textured


Convax website layout contact form design

Stephanie Walter

Stephanie Walter website contact form portfolio layout

Denis Frietman

Denis Frietman website contact form ajax

Carlos MBonilla

Carlos MBonilla website portfolio contact form

Far from New York

New York City website contact e-mail form

Xbition Art

Julie Franck Xbition Art portfolio contact form


Rockatee website design layout contact form

Chris Kinsey

Chris Kinsey portfolio website contact form

Goweb Formations

Goweb Foundation website contact form design

Jrutland Design Portfolio

Jrutland website design portfolio contact form

Larsen Productions

Larsen Productions contact form website layout


Vismaad website contact form layout

Adam Mulgrew

Adam Mulgrew website layout contact form design

Heartbreaker Fashion

Heartbreaker Fashion contact form website design


Etsy website social media contact form


Marcol portfolio Dribbble website contact form

Clearleft Ltd

Clearleft Ltd contact form user interface

Alpha Div

Alpha Div contact form website design ui

Daniel Hellier

Daniel Hellier website contact form design

Shout Digital

Shout Digital website contact form design