50 Memorable Logo Designs for Creative Branding Ideas

Crafting your own logo from scratch is a very intense process. Working for another company or as a freelancer means you have to flesh out words & ideas into some visual design. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. But it is a hugely rewarding process that also teaches many lessons about conceptualization.

In this gallery I’ve put together 50 simple logo designs which masterfully convey a sense of recognizable branding to the viewer. Logos are like calling cards for businesses. You want people to instantly put the graphic to a name, and be able to remember what that name does. Every successful business uses a recognizable logo which typically evolves into a larger branding over time.


dark hiddenkov recognizable branding logo

The Green Radish

green radish network logofaves


imaged crop classic logo branding


kanzy logo branding design purple

Bull City Learning

bull city learning design


bring logo branding design wowcha


marian town centre logo branding

Valevale Cafe

vale vale dark cafe coffee logo


white orange cursive peters logo


silverland dark bright logo inspiration

Kcoffee Maker

kcoffee maker inspiration logo branding

Kinesiska Te Compagniet

classy foreign language logo design

Big Bang

dark logo big bang inspiring

The Marmalade Fish Band

marmalade fish band logo


aces logo logofaves white cards

Content Dock

content dock logo building inspiration


bright logo hummingbird scrapbooking logo

The Bayside Buoy

bayside buoy logo bright sea ropes


abstract logo creasoul inspiring design

Bobble Eggs

bobble eggs 2013 inspiring logo design

Ocean Submarine

yellow submarine ocean inspiring logo


soverinn sovereign logo design old fashioned

Dodo Pizza

yellow bird dodo pizza logo

Sunset Mountain Pictures

sunset mountain pictures productions company logo

Cornflake Games

cereal bowl cornflake games logo branding

Your Friend in Libson

your friend in libson europe logo


romax clean bright logo design inspiration


joysteek logo design bright colorful inspiration


colorful logo bright circle coworker


green dark logo design cursive typography bonjour


sipco coffee bright design logo


maugers bright ribbon quality meat logo


green shaman logo design fancy icon

Love Letters

heart symbol love letters icon envelope

Mild Mania

mild mania logo design inspiration icon

Solipsistic Nation

solipsistic nation red logo design inspiring


adline castle logo vector design

Pow Wow

dog white dark logo design powwow


white shades belt logo design inspiration


pik wik restaurant logo inspiring design branding


deconsinto magic horse toy logo

Enjoy Dress Up

pink girl logo dressup inspiring branding


red crab logo bright inspiring design

Australia’s Best Yoghurt

australia best yogurt logo design

Vintage is In

vintage is in logo design typography

Half Time

half time clock logo inspiring design branding

Mango Karate

mango karate design inspiring logo

Seed Sumo

sumo wreslter logo seed branding dark orange

Dean Creative

dean creative commas unique logo inspiration

Bee my Guide

bee my guide app logo inspiring brand