How To Design A Gorgeous Big UI Button In Photoshop


In this tutorial we’re going to be creating a gorgeous and modern user interface button suitable for the web or a mobile interface design. We’ll be using a handful of Photoshop techniques that are bound to come in handy for more than just creating buttons; in fact, the techniques we’ll be using are often used in most UI elements.

Create a new Photoshop document (I’ve used a 1000×1000 pixel RGB 72dpi document for this tutorial – keep in mind this will need to be a high resolution if you’re designing for a mobile device with a high resolution display such as an iPhone 4). Fill your background layer with a color of your choice, I used this lovely mid-blue color.

How to Create an Awesome Retro VW Beetle Vector in Illustrator


In this tutorial we’ll be using Adobe Illustrator (CS4 in this case, although can be completed using most versions of Illustrator) to create a vector image of an original Volkswagen (VW) Beetle. We will be making use of one of Illustrators most-used tools; the Pen Tool, as well as adding some finishing touches using a graphics tablet (an affordable Wacom Bamboo tablet in my case) to give the vector a nice hand-drawn style.

If you like this tutorial, keep your eyes peeled for the follow-up tutorial, in which we’ll be using our vectored VW Beetle to create a lovely retro and textured poster in Adobe Photoshop.

30+ Last Minute (Digital) Christmas Gift Ideas For Creatives


Let me guess… you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Well, if that someone you haven’t bought for happens to be in the creative industry (such as a designer, illustrator, developer, video producer or photographer) you’re in luck!

This article is full of gift ideas for the creative person in your life, most of which are digital, meaning you don’t have to wait for delivery times, and your gift will be ready to hand over just in time for Christmas!

The article is spread over three parts depending on your budget. We have a “Budget Gifts” section, a “Mid-Priced Gifts” section and a “Breaking The Bank Gifts” section.

Inspirational Showcase of Three-Dimensional (3D) Movie Posters


Over the past decade there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of three-dimensional available to view both at the cinema and from the comfort of your own homes, ranging from anaglyphic films (they’re the ones where you had to wear a pair of groovy red and blue glasses) to the latest RealD 3D technology which is what is currently being used in most cinemas.

In this post we will be taking a look at a number of movie posters of films that were released in 3D (please note that most of these were also available in 2D); we will be pointing out trends used throughout all of the posters, and how different posters advertise the 3D films in different ways.

How To Design A Detailed Mini Cooper Icon In Photoshop


In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create a large 512×512 car icon, based on a lovely BMW Mini Cooper. We will be using Photoshop to create the icon, using a handful of different techniques.

Open up Photoshop and create a new document by 512x512px. Search the web for an image of a car that you want to create an icon for. In my case, I’m using a front on photo of a Mini Cooper that can be found here.