Why Freelance Designers Should Use Invoicing Tools


There are a plethora of tools out on the Internet today that help designers and developers alike. Many times however, we believe they fall short because “we can handle it ourselves” without the extra cost of such tools.

Conversely, we find ourselves spending quite a bit of time trying to complete such tasks which respective tools would reduce the time spent by a fraction. With this being said, within this article we get our hands dirty and discuss several reasons as to why freelance designers should use invoicing tools.

Cloud Computing: The Theory Behind The Hype


“Cloud Computing”, it almost rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? If you believe the hype, cloud computing is cheaper, safer and easier than any other form of application hosting, it exists in the magical land of ‘cloud‘ where nothing ever goes wrong, in fact, to say it’s reliable is almost an understatement.

However the truth, can often be far different from that which many of the ‘cloud computing‘ or ‘cloud hosting‘ providers would have us believe. The cloud is a complex, multifaceted beast, with varying levels of complexity and specialty, not to mention radically varying prices. All told we would do well to consider just what makes up this ‘cloud‘, when it really is a great solution, and just where we may just be falling for the hype.

Version-Less Development: What is it and Why it’s Important


Software and application development is a complex process. A single project may involve tens or even hundreds of people spread across dozens of teams and even multiple continents.

Like any major discipline accounting for millions of jobs, software development has many different methodologies and techniques, ranging from Agile development to Waterfall and Prototyping.

Layers Of Abstraction — What Are They And Why Do They Matter?


Sometimes we can understand concepts without ever ‘knowing‘ the concept. As an example; few people would claim to ‘know‘ how learning occurs, however we are all capable of learning. Clearly the understanding of, and ability to do so, are quite separate skill sets.

Layers of abstraction is one such concept — we make use of layers of abstraction every day and yet it allows us to better understand the world in which we work.

How and Why Design Impacts User Decisions

Design is an interesting element whether for tangible goods or not. In the tangible goods industry, packaging design can sometimes affect potential buyers to purchase a specific item, or to deter them from that specific item. For example, if you are shopping for a food product, and you notice two different brands with two different […]

On Working With Limitations In Web-Design


The web-design industry has always faced limitations that get designers frustrated as they work around them. Without actually knowing these limitations, you cannot properly design and achieve what you or your client may be after. Therefore, understanding the limitations of the industry and your own limitations can help you expand and work around them and […]

Tips For Making Your Website Multilingual Friendly


Many people overlook making their websites multilingual friendly thinking that the majority of their traffic or visitors understand the English language. One thing to note is that nearly two billion people worldwide now have access to the internet, which is almost one third of the world’s population. Therefore, the expansion of your website worldwide depends […]