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Why Sketching And Wireframing Ideas Strengthens Designs


Sketching is one of the many ways humans have adapted to, to express and expand on ideas. A sketch is more like bringing an idea to a three dimensional view rather than imagining it in the head, which causes our idea to evolve over time as we forget certain elements of our ideas, and replace […]

On Working With Limitations In Web-Design


The web-design industry has always faced limitations that get designers frustrated as they work around them. Without actually knowing these limitations, you cannot properly design and achieve what you or your client may be after. Therefore, understanding the limitations of the industry and your own limitations can help you expand and work around them and […]

Tips For Making Your Website Multilingual Friendly


Many people overlook making their websites multilingual friendly thinking that the majority of their traffic or visitors understand the English language. One thing to note is that nearly two billion people worldwide now have access to the internet, which is almost one third of the world’s population. Therefore, the expansion of your website worldwide depends […]


There are many different coding styles, some do not like indentation, some like to capitalize certain things, others like to add more than one element on a line, the main train of thought is they are all after one common thing: organization and better code. Without influencing my coding style, we’ll discuss ten tips for […]

5 Effective & Creative Ways to Prevent Spam


Spam is a widespread issue with many and all websites that accept user input. Whether be it a contact form, a comment system, a forum, or any other type of service, you are subject to spam. Ever since the fight against spam begun, hundreds of prevention tools have arisen, with some failing and some succeeding […]

The Success Of Reinventions – With A Twist


Many new social media companies are launching and becoming successful. However, their services are built around ideas that have been around for a while, all they give the idea is a twist, and users love it. To prove this point exactly, we go through five companies that made it big with service ideas that we […]

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