8 Areas of Specialization for Web & Graphic Designers


Some designers prefer the jack-of-all-trades route because it offers more job security. But most specialists would debate that focusing on a particular skillset improves your recognition amongst clients and employers. This isn’t to say you should only learn one area of design and never try anything else. The idea of specialization is to do amazing […]

How To Design Readable Comment Threads


Comment sections are built for user interaction. Websites are mostly about consumption and comments are a way for readers to share their thoughts with others. But not all comments are created equal, and certain techniques are more favorable than others. In this post I’d like to cover some helpful tips for building readable comment threads. […]

8 Best Tools for Testing Responsive Websites


Everyone who builds websites knows that responsive design is important. In fact, any modern website should be built with responsive techniques in mind. While there are plenty of tools for creating responsivity, it’s tougher to find debugging & testing tools. And what good is an untested layout? About as good as an uninspected car, although […]

Recreating Photoshop Effects in CSS – Part 2 – The CSS Code


In part 1 of this tutorial series I demonstrated how to create vector shape buttons with layer styles in Photoshop. For part 2 I’ll explain how to write code to recreate these layer styles in CSS. Modern development techniques have advanced along with browser support to make CSS3 a viable option for everyone. Photoshop layer […]

Recreating Photoshop Effects in CSS – Part 1 – The PSD


Freelancers and agencies both require a smooth design workflow. This typically starts out with drafting wireframes that eventually turn into full mockups. These mockups are coded into HTML/CSS layouts that are finalized and handed off to the client. It may seem daunting but if you want to understand the full creation process then it’s worth […]

33 Open Source Sass-Based CSS Code Snippets


Nothing says experienced frontend developer quite like Sass. From agencies to freelancers, it seems like everyone is talking about Sass/SCSS development. Although it may seem daunting at first, Sass is easy to learn with just a bit of practice and patience. Once you understand SASS basics your dev workflow will improve dramatically. Beyond the basics […]