Stylish Examples of Custom Scrolling Effects in Web Design


Many dynamic websites add custom scrolling effects into the layout. These effects can be created using JavaScript which manipulates the page’s default scroll behavior. At times this can be annoying – but when used appropriately custom scrolling can improve a website’s usability. Most scrolling effects originate from parallax websites using custom plugins. These plugins are […]

25 Free jQuery Plugins for Custom Tabs & Accordions


Modern web designers simply adore dynamic page elements. Dropdown menus, carousels, tabbed links and accordion menus are just a few examples. All of these effects can be recreated using free jQuery plugins without much code. The toughest part is finding the perfect jQuery plugin to fit with your current project. In this gallery you’ll find […]

Techniques for Building Name Recognition as a Designer


Breaking into the design world is no simple task. It requires years of practice along with arduous struggles, overcoming obstacles, and of course meeting great people. But this whole process can be eased slightly by creating a recognizable brand around your name. Freelance design is a competitive marketplace and you’ll want to stand out to […]

28 Photo Compositing Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop


Many designers use Photoshop as a graphics editing tool or as a tool for creating website mockups. However Photoshop is primarily meant for digital photo editing. One such area of work is compositing which takes two(or more) photos and combines them together into one photo. Compositing is a difficult skill to pickup but very powerful […]

Best UX Design Solutions for Date Input Fields


The purpose of user experience design is to focus solely on how an interface behaves. This is traditionally more important than the actual design because a pretty-looking website is useless if nobody can use it. Thus UX has become a field unto itself with areas of focus derived from usability and case studies. The absolute […]

40 Vector Illustration Scenes for Website Layouts


Digital art has engorged into a tremendous field of painting, vectors, and even animation. Designers who can build impressive scenes with Illustrator or Sketch have a leg up on the competition. But if you’re still new to vector design it may help to study other work and learn from those with more experience. Dribbble is […]

10 Smartphone & Tablet Mobile Apps for Prototyping


Digital prototyping is a popular activity for creating simple interface mockups. The UI design process starts with an idea which is then fleshed out into a mockup. But most of the time the initial mockup(s) will be styled in low-fidelity wireframes which are then improved through color and texture. The following mobile apps are perfect […]