32 Inspiring Websites for Automotive Companies


Car companies are streamlined by some of the most talented engineers of the modern era. Thus a modern website is vital to the success of an automotive company’s product design & branding. Whether you’re creating a new project or doing some freelance work, these automotive website layouts are perfect for anyone in search of inspiration. […]

22 Smartphone Perspective PSDs for Conceptual App Mockups


Perspective photo mockups are beyond useful when it comes to interface design. These mockups offer designers the ability to craft pixel-perfect interfaces and display how they would look on a real device. Most files are released as PSDs with editable smart objects. Simply copy & paste the final screen design and the mockup is instantly […]

Tips & Tricks for Designing Uniform Website Icons


Featured image source Beautiful icons are the rainbow sprinkles on top of a delicious website sundae. The ability to craft icons that blend together is almost compulsory. Any UI designer should be more than willing to jump onto the path of icon design. Although it is jarring and difficult, consistent icon design greatly improves the […]

Pragmatic Routines for Improving your Digital Design Skillset


Featured image source The proverbial idea that “practice makes perfect” seems quite sensible. If you continue to practice a certain skillset you’ll eventually master the process and improve much quicker. But practice doesn’t just mean doing the same stuff over and over. To improve at design requires a routine or method of practicing which every-so-often […]

30 Passionate Valentine’s Day Graphics & Illustrations


With the season of love fast approaching it seems only natural to celebrate this profoundly amorous occasion. Valentine’s Day is sprinkled with illustrative ideas of chocolates, flowers, pink hearts, and that dastardly matchmaker known as Cupid. Designers from around the world jump on this season with amity and congeniality towards their craft. To get the […]

Best Online Tools & Resources for Creative Freelancers


Featured image source Joining the army of freelancers in any creative field is always a challenge. Your chops really need to be up-to-par with the growing market of artists and designers. Although freelancing is a difficult career path you can save a lot of time with online tools and webapps. Plenty of resources are available […]

36 Sketch Freebies for Web & UI Designers


Most UI designers have probably heard about the ever-popular Sketch 3. It’s an application built for OS X which combines the detail of Photoshop layer effects with the versatility of Illustrator vector shapes. It’s a powerful piece of software that offers the ideal work environment to craft pixel-perfect digital interfaces. Although Sketch is relatively new […]

32 Shopify eCommerce Websites for Design Inspiration


Selling stuff online has moved from a seemingly underground process into a greatly respected career path. Lots of entrepreneurs have accumulated solid revenue online selling physical or digital products. Technology seems to be constantly advancing to keep up with the times and I’m not really sure who is making these advancements – but we should […]

Crucial Design Elements that Every UI Kit Needs


Interface design is the cornerstone to any type of digital design career. Whether an interface is created for the desktop, web, or mobile, plenty of features tend to overlap and lead to the same conclusion. Learning how to craft a reliable interface is more about the overall user experience rather than specific graphic design techniques. […]