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20 Big and Highly Detailed Icon Sets

20 Big and Highly Detailed Icon Sets

Icons come in all shapes and sizes. While the clean and minimalist style is better suited for applications and navigation menus, those highly detailed icons can sure add some eye-candy to your designs.

In fact, a lot of the icons in this post are so detailed that they could be used as feature rather than to complement say an interface or an application menu. I hope you enjoy the showcase. Feel free to chime in and leave a comment at the end of this post.

30 Beautiful Single Page Website Designs

30 Beautiful Single Page Website Designs

With all the content-heavy and CMS-powered websites out there these days, I find it refreshing to browse a single-page website where all the content is accessible without loading or refreshing a page.

The sites in this post make great use of things like sliders, carousels, Ajax and auto-scroll scripts to display content in a way that doesn’t hinder the user experience but rather improves it. I hope you enjoy this showcase, and of course feel free to chime in and leave a comment at the end of the post.

25 More Books For Designers, Developers And Web Workers

A while ago we shared 25 great web-design and development books and since this earlier post got a great response (and we’ve read a lot more books since), we’ve now gathered another 25.

In this list you’ll find books about design, theory, development, css, html and a lot more. I hope you enjoy the post!

Enter to Win A Design Cocktail 5 Bundle from Designious

A while ago Designious started releasing their Design Cocktail bundles and it quickly became very popular. Today they’re back with Design Cocktail 5, with $729 worth of design resources still for the very low price of $29.

We’ve partnered with them again to give away a bundle to 3 lucky readers of SpyreStudios. All the products included in this pack were created by and

Collection Of 600+ Free Ink & Paint Photoshop Brushes

We’ve featured Photoshop brushes sets a couple of times before on SpyreStudios and this time we’ve collected over 600 ink, paint, watercolor and splatter brushes from various sources.

Most of the sets featured in this post are of high-enough quality that they can be used for both web and print projects. I hope you enjoy the collection.

25 Essential Android Apps For Web-Workers And Designers

The Android platform is growing in popularity every day, and for good reasons. Obviously being an open-source project and having Google behind it makes it a great choice for developers. Unfortunately the Android Market can’t really compete against the Apple App Store (in my opinion).

So I’ve chosen 25 Android apps that I think can be very useful to designers, developers and web-workers. You’ll find editors, reference guides, blogging tools, image editing tools and more. If you have your Android device handy you can scan the QR Codes next to each item in the list using the Barcode Scanner application.

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