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Copy is Dead: Why Friendly and Simple Speech is Better than Marketing Copy

It may be hyperbole, but copy as we know it is nearly useless. Why is that? First we must define what copy is: copy is marketing text designed to persuade users to take action. Today, copy is less successful at persuading users and moving them forward than it has been in the past. Marketing and branding is changing, especially on the web.

Now value and brevity are more important than ever before as Internet users become more impatient, more cynical, and even more demanding. How do we combat such cynicism and increasing skepticism? The answer is clear text with interactive proof.

Personality in Web Design: Atmosphere, Character And Brand Feel

As a consumer, we seek out products, services, and practitioners that are friendly, helpful, interesting and overall pleasant to deal with.

When you select individuals and organizations to interact with or do business with you are making a decision based on the totality of their behavioural characteristics and how you emotionally react to them.

The New Room Effect: Usability Is About Comfort

Over the years, I have read probably hundreds of usability tips and tricks. They all seem to give generally decent advice that are all blanket statements about usability. Such things as “Use a sans-serif” or “Make sure to minimize scrolling” are common among these lists.

Defining User Experience as Brand Experience


I have found that the best way to think of user experience is as the core of a brand: the reactor or the nucleus. Without good user experience your brand means nothing. But what is a brand? Its most basic definition is the sum of the experiences that a person has with a company or […]

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