BannerSnack Licenses Giveaway – What Do You Think Of Flash Banners?

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Thanks to everyone who participated!

The world of online advertising and web-design has evolved quite a lot over the past couple years. These days it’s hard to not be aware of what is going on with Flash. Some say there’s a war between Apple and Adobe, some say Flash is meant to disappear, and some think it’s there to stay.


In my opinion is it’s not about what technology is better, but rather what’s the best solution for a particular project. But, we’d like to know what you think!

BannerSnack Giveaway

Today we’re having a giveaway. BannerSnack, the leader in Flash banner design had decided to give away one-year licenses to 3 lucky winners of SpyreStudios.

Before we get to the rules and guidelines for the giveaway, check out this humorous Flash video they did. We’d like to know what you think ;)

Rules And Guidelines

In order to enter this contest we’d would like you to comment and tell us what you think of Flash content (especially Flash banners). Do you think Flash banners are good in certain situations, do you prefer graphical banners? What issues do you have with Flash banners?

Simply give us your opinion and you will be entered to win one of 3 one-year licenses to BannerSnack. Winners will be chosen randomly using

The giveaway will end on July 7th, 2010, at midnight (0:00) GMT. Winner will be announced shortly after.

Good luck to everyone!


  1. says

    Great stuff! Count me in!

    Personally I’ve always thought that Flash is any other tools.
    It is good when used properly to engage, grab attention, display stuff in an entertaining way.
    It is evil when overused, out of context, and the developers are unable to correctly optimize the code and make use of the streaming.
    Simply as that.

    Regarding flash banners I love those that when you mouseover expand their dimensions to show more and even more those with a player inside, I’ve seen a great and amazing use of them is for movies and videogames (such as on


  2. says

    Awesome little comic, I’d love to get my hands on some licenses for those Flash banners, I’m buying the CS5 suite as soon as my paycheck clears! XD

  3. says

    Flash websites just make the whole browsing experience BAD. Yes, they take (sometimes) ages to load, the visibility is horrible, they are super limited, and make you even click on areas where you dont have a link AT ALL. Sometimes I like using flash for headers as they give something non-static to the website, but someday, CSS and HTML5 will make it very similar or even better. Flash is getting to it’s end, for one reason, can’t keep it simple using Flash. But in the other part, me not being a super web coder/flash user and for some other people, websites like BannerSnack are super helpful. Keeping it easy and adding some “movement” to the website.

  4. Michael says

    Used properly, appropriate to the context it’s shown in, Flash can be an excellent tool for attractive advertising. We’ve all seen and been annoyed by obnoxious ads in unexpected places, so that places extra responsibility on Flash banner designers to respect their audience and create a tasteful, compelling presentation.

  5. says


    Flash technology allows an infinite possibilities, but you must play by their rules. Once you understand Flash you commit the nightmare error of using it all, that’s why websites flash based sometimes gets an eternity to load…

    But still a good tool to start from to understand animations online!

  6. Wesley says

    I already won a license with a previous contest and it’s great!
    On the subject of flash banners, I still like them.
    If I want to create a a banner in flash it seems to me to be much easier for sites to embed it then to actually use all of my js/css/html files I used for a HTML5 banner..
    HTML5 is great for small time animation on your main site but for complex animation, why not use flash?

  7. Anthony says

    Flash banners have their place. Yes, some can be flashy, annoying, etc., but that may be the idea for that ad. Others may look like an image, but when rolled over they may expand to add more functionality or content. It really all depends on the campaign.

    I try to keep in mind the content that the banner is near. If the banner is near content that statistics show users are actually reading(if your cross promoting on your own site), maybe it’s not such a great idea to put a ‘flashy’ banner there. That doesn’t mean to not use flash though. It just means to be more subtle. I do believe that as designers/developers, we have a level of respect we should maintain for not only the visitors, but for the owner of the sites our ads may end up on.

    We should design them to be eye-catching, but not induce seizures!

    Ultimately, you really do have a whole world of possibilities when designing/developing a banner in flash.

  8. Willie says

    this is the best flash banner program I’ve messed with god bless you who ever made this :)

  9. Handy says

    Flash websites just make the whole browsing experience BAD. Yes, they take (sometimes) ages to load, the visibility is horrible.

  10. says

    It’s funny that some people talk about flash as if it was something evil in it self. i don’t like many plane HTML designs and that doesn’t mean that i should hate HTML, I don’t like some designers works, but what has to do with flash or any technology they use?, oh yes, i do hate power point for the same reasons, sorry :o)
    In any case, that a company blocks or decide, not only against flash, what type of programming system can be seen or used in they machines it’s, at list, against all programmers and designers community, next could be you.

  11. Flash says

    I am totally agree with Quim, also there are no tool-program now available that can make rich internet application like FLASH. Maybe there are some alternatives for animations transitions (like JQerry, HTML5 etc), but when it comes to limits, flash is unbeatable. I didn’t hear that someone create great 3d-look game in js, html5…etc just my 2 cents

  12. says

    I’m personally a very strong believer that HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery will overrun most of Flash in the next few years, but Flash still has its uses, eg. games and other things.

    Another thing, is that for Flash banners, they have the really good use of being able to have nice graphics and good effects into the banner, instead of in a .GIF animation – meaning less bandwidth used by your viewers, etc.

    I would personally normally choose to steer clear of most animation in banners myself, use GIF’s if I need them. However there have been times where I’ve used Flash banners myself and I wouldn’t mind having a chance to use more of them – BannerSnack may be really helpful for that chance!

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