30 Blog Designs with Killer Typography

A killer design is one thing – but one that also uses the right typography is (in my opinion) on a whole other level compared to those that just ‘look pretty‘. Typography is needed with blog designs because, well, the blog is built to speak your mind, right? So, if your blog isn’t readable then it fails to do its job.

So today I’m going to show you 30 awesome blog designs that have killer typography and also do a well rounded job of making things look nice and also making things readable. I hope you enjoy the inspiration.

Inspect Element ↓

Inspect Element

Burciaga ↓


Nuwomb Creative ↓

Nuwomb Creative

Down With Webster ↓

Down With Webster

Brian Casel ↓

Brian Casel

Looks Like Good Design ↓

Looks Like Good Design

Design Chapel ↓

Design Chapel

I Love Typography ↓

I love typography

All City’s Graffiti Blog ↓

All City Graffiti Blog

Future Buro ↓

Future Buro

Comfort Brothers ↓

Comfort Brothers

Brian Hoff ↓

Brian Hoff



Creative Week ↓

Creative Week

How I Took It ↓

How I Took It

One By Four ↓

One By Four

Stereo Super ↓

Stereo Super

Abduzeedo ↓


UX Booth ↓

UX Booth

Gaby Castellanos ↓

Gaby Castellanos

Corking Design ↓

Corking Design

Curious Romain ↓

Curious Romain

Web App Storm ↓

Web App Storm

Pallian Creative ↓

Pallian Creative

The Visual Click ↓

The Visual Click

Cuisine Saine ↓

Cuisine Saine

Brad Ruggles ↓

Brad Ruggles

The Swish Life ↓

The Swish Life

Fubiz ↓


Westcoast Poppin ↓

Westcoast Poppin

And now we pass it on to you…

Do you run a blog that has great typography? Did you achieve this by using a good combination of web-safe typefaces, using the right weights, line-height, etc…? Or did you use something like @font-face or Cufón? Let us know in the comments.

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