48 Excellent Examples Of Blog Post Footer Designs

What happens when your visitors are done reading a post on your blog? Maybe they comment on the article, go read another one, click on an ad, get in touch with you, vote and share the post on social media sites, subscribe to your RSS feed, or… simply leave your site.

Of course the last thing we want as bloggers and site owners if for people to scan/read an article and then leave right after. That would suck, right? What can we do to prevent that? Well, the space between the post and the comment section is the perfect place to put a little something that asks our loyal and new readers for some votes on social media sites or maybe invite them to read other articles.

Here are 48 blog post footer designs that should give you some ideas for your blog. Popular trends include:

  • related entries
  • rss subscription options
  • social media icons and badges
  • advertisements
  • date & time
  • categories and tags
  • post author boxes

Some are minimalist and subtle, some are big and bold! Which ones are your faves? :)

Abduzeedo ↓


Bad Ass Ideas ↓

Bad Ass Ideas

Behance Mag ↓

Behance Mag

Blogsessive ↓


Spoon Graphics ↓

Spoon Graphics Blog

Chris Brogan ↓

Chris Brogan

Copyblogger ↓


Creative Curio ↓

Creative Curio

CSS-Tricks ↓


CSS Globe ↓

CSS Globe

Design Reviver ↓

Design Reviver

Dzine Blog ↓

Dzine Blog

Eighty One Design ↓

Eighty One Design

Freelance Folder ↓

Freelance Folder

Freelance Switch ↓

Freelance Switch

Fubiz ↓


Fudge Graphics ↓

Fudge Graphics

Fuel Your Creativity ↓

Fuel Your Creativity

Function Design Blog ↓

Function Design Blog

Go Media Zine ↓

Go Media Zine

Hongkiat ↓


iDesign Studios ↓

iDesign Studios

Jon Tangerine ↓

Jon Tangerine

Line25 ↓


Mashable ↓


North X East ↓

North X East

Noupe ↓


Outlaw Design Blog ↓

Outlaw Design Blog

Pearsonified ↓


Problogger ↓


PSD Fan ↓


PSD Tuts ↓

PSD Tuts

Put Things Off ↓

Put Things Off

Search Engine Land ↓

Search Engine Land

SEO Moz ↓


Skelliewag ↓


Smashing Apps ↓

Smashing Apps

Smashing Magazine ↓

Smashing Magazine

Think Simple Now ↓

Think Simple Now

Tutorial 9 ↓

Tutorial 9

UX Booth ↓

UX Booth

Vectips ↓


Web Kreation ↓

Web Kreation

Web Designer Depot ↓

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Wall ↓

Web Designer Wall

Web Design Ledger ↓

Wired ↓


You The Designer ↓

You The Designer

Your Turn To Talk

Which ones are your faves? And why? Of course feel free to share with us some sites with great blog post footers that are not on this list!


  1. says

    Great collection. It’s interesting how many of these have social media badges to promote their site, but most don’t have the Twitter which is probably the most important.

  2. says

    One that I’m surprised didn’t make the list is Branded07 (http://branded07.com), the online portfolio of Rob Palmer. His web site has gotten some good reviews, being featured in .net magazine here in the UK, as well as making it onto CSS Remix.

  3. says

    Thanks for this list, there are some good ideas on display here.

    @Pavel yours would be a worthy inclusion, very tidy.

    I spent a while on my own post footers to de-clutter the design. It’s a links-on-demand type of thing.

  4. WeaponsTheyFear says

    I am not at all amazed at the fact that many of these are the same damn thing with slightly different colors and images.

  5. Interactive Art Director says

    There are no specific explanations why the examples are considered ‘excellent designs’. Many of these footer layouts contain the same elements (e.g. ‘Related Posts’, ‘RSS feeds’) and are visually gratuitious with the usual cluttered blog fodder found in many WordPress templates.
    The ‘Hongkiat’ footer for example, contains gigantic text (perhaps for the visually-impaired) with a standard link bar widget -and this is noteworthy for what reason(s)?

  6. says

    @All: thanks for all the comments! really appreciated! :)

    @Martin Bean: Rob’s site is totally awesome! I just couldn’t featured everyone, but I’ll do a follow-up post eventually.

    @Pavel: Yours does look very nice! (will include it in a next round) :)

    @WeaponsTheyFear: But it looks like it’s working for them. I put this post together to give people some ideas for their own blogs.

    @Alex: I can’t answer for them, but I think it’s a matter of trial and error and figuring out what works best for your own blog/niche. For example, here on Spyre the blog post footer is very very simple, nothing out of the ordinary, but it works for me :)

    @Alex Cristache: welcome bro! you know I love your blog’s design overall :)

  7. says

    This is the third post I have read on this topic and the most concise. I don’t know how you;ve managed to take examples of the footers only, but it is very helpful to see.

    Many many thanks.

  8. says

    Jon, indeed, it’s the 2nd or 3rd time you listed areas from it on your blog. Thank you! Hopefully, you’ll also like the redesign I’m working on now.

  9. says

    Thanks so much for including me on this list! Funny timing, because I’m on a mission to make a few tweaks to my own blog (sidebar, post footers, etc.) – so this is great inspiration!

  10. says

    Excellent collection of footers. Very helpful to be able to view them one after the other — makes it much easier to compare and contrast. Provides lots of ideas for my own blogs. Thanks.

  11. says

    All excellent and makes me want to do it to my blog. Question is, how on earth do you do it! (I’m new at this!). If anyone fancies taking pity on me, I’d appreciate the help. On Twitter – jango77

  12. says

    It’s nice to see that people are gradually concentrating on small details like blog post footer. It is a shame that many out there overlook the importance of good post footer. Thanks for sharing such a great article.

  13. says

    Awesome collection. I liked the one used by Vectips. and can anyone tell me how to get the related posts widget used by Makeuseof.com ?? If anyone knows, please let me know. I blog @ techgyo.com

  14. says

    I ACTUALLY appeared to be very pleased to discover this particular web-site.I want to thanks for your precious time with this amazing read!! I surely having fun with each little bit of this and I’ve got you saved to see latest information you article.


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