8 Areas of Specialization for Web & Graphic Designers


Some designers prefer the jack-of-all-trades route because it offers more job security. But most specialists would debate that focusing on a particular skillset improves your recognition amongst clients and employers. This isn’t to say you should only learn one area of design and never try anything else. The idea of specialization is to do amazing […]

The Anatomy of Time Tracking Tools: Breaking Down Its Essentials

The Anatomy of Time Tracking Tools: Breaking Down Its Essentials

As more and more professionals are focusing on getting the most out of their time at work by boosting their productivity, time tracking tools are in vogue right now. By using any of these apps to monitor your time spent on each tasks individuals have for the day or week, they will gain a better understanding on how […]

Top Mac Designer Apps


Graphic designers are the enthusiasts who put in their considerable efforts by sitting for hours to make the picture perfect. Designers are generally paid for their creations and artwork. Nowadays when everything is digital, this graphic design has also reached computers and now the graphic designers are the complete computer professional giving their best with […]

Responsive Email Templates: Building a Newsletter from Scratch

Mobile apps concept. Flat design vector illustration. Human hand with tablet, laptop and interface icons

Online businesses have included email marketing as part of their strategy with good reason. Unlike other tactics that help increase traffic and engagement with users, email takes the personal approach in enticing their target audience to becoming clients and customers, among other reasons. More importantly, email marketing has reached new height due to the advent of mobile devices. According […]

How To Design Readable Comment Threads


Comment sections are built for user interaction. Websites are mostly about consumption and comments are a way for readers to share their thoughts with others. But not all comments are created equal, and certain techniques are more favorable than others. In this post I’d like to cover some helpful tips for building readable comment threads. […]

Design Principles: 7 Vital Characteristics of a Check-out Process Page to Boost Conversions

boost conversions

You may have a streamlined marketing campaign for enhancing the sales of your online business or eCommerce website, but boosting the conversions should take precedence over everything else. After all, it determines the success of your online store and thereby, of your business. One of the crucial elements that boosts conversions for an eCommerce website […]

The New Kid in Town – eCommerce Multi-purpose Themes


Online shopping, once somewhat of a rarity, has in recent years become commonplace, and more and more consumers are doing at least some of their shopping with tablets and other hand-held devices. WordPress themes initially addressed website development project in more general terms, and largely with the PC in mind. A new trend emerged however, […]