21 Free For Commercial Use Resource Websites You’ll Really Love

21 Free For Commercial Use Resource Websites You'll Really Love

Diving deep into the realms of design requires true passion, inspiration and a strong skill base. Yet, there is another factor which plays a leading role in the battle between time efficiency and quality work. The designers’ resource base has become one of the main determinants for their success. Premade designs aid for a swift […]

The Flat Revolution is Here: Things You Need to Know about Flat Design 2.0


Flat design is one of the many design trends from years past that was expected to make an impact in 2015. A reaction to the real This approach is a departure from the skeuomorphic design trend that was taking place as early as 2011. Skeuomorphs are design elements that focused in recreating real life to […]

5 Tools to Make Launching Your Website Easier


Sure, you could come up with ideas for websites all day long. But when it comes to actually launching one, all of the work involved might dissuade you a bit. Never fear! These aren’t the days of editing line after line of HTML in a .txt file. No, these days there are plenty of free […]

Content Delivery Network Benefits Other Than Site Speed


The loading time of a website can determine its success or failure. According to an infographic at KISSmetrics, a second delay in loading time decreases conversion rate by 7%. You can argue about a small detail affect the impact of your website. But you cannot deny that speeding up the loading time of your site […]

Mobile App Design Inspiration: 8 Best Resources


UX Archive Building a seamless user experience is what mobile app developers and designers should learn. UX Archive features beautiful iPhone apps user flows that you can emulate. Browsing these flows will give you ideas and inspire you to build a UX that is just as good, if not better. Before comparing any user flow, […]

Near-Perfect Lead Generation Forms: 2 Prime Examples

Near-Perfect Lead Generation Forms

A successful lead generation strategy relies on featuring a useful form. From this form, you can get visitors to perform a desired action. This includes clicking a button pointing to your landing page. It can also encourage them to enter their email to subscribe. Lead generation lets you inspire action and engage with visitors in meaningful ways. The […]

8 Areas of Specialization for Web & Graphic Designers


Some designers prefer the jack-of-all-trades route because it offers more job security. But most specialists would debate that focusing on a particular skillset improves your recognition amongst clients and employers. This isn’t to say you should only learn one area of design and never try anything else. The idea of specialization is to do amazing […]

The Anatomy of Time Tracking Tools: Breaking Down Its Essentials

The Anatomy of Time Tracking Tools: Breaking Down Its Essentials

As more and more professionals are focusing on getting the most out of their time at work by boosting their productivity, time tracking tools are in vogue right now. By using any of these apps to monitor your time spent on each tasks individuals have for the day or week, they will gain a better understanding on how […]