30 Content-Heavy Online Magazine Website Layouts


Online magazine design is a complex topic, but one consistent element is the value of typography. Great web design hinges on typography and this is especially true for blogs & magazines. The following examples have been hand-picked to showcase excellent typographic techniques for magazine layouts. These websites must account for thousands(or millions) of unique visitors […]

Less is More: Best Minimalist Website Design Principles in Display

Less is More: 20 Best Minimalist Website Design for Your Inspiration

In a world where everything is possible in design, there’s a tendency by designers to put the colors and shapes in the forefront. While the use of both elements in design is integral in making a more indelible impact to your consumers with your product, using both can be counterproductive if not used the right way. […]

10 Tutorials for Aspiring Web Designer

ocean in coffee mug

Creativity has no ends and web design is all about creating new designs online. We see web designers learning about new design skills everyday & surfing the web to know the latest web design trends most of the time. This is the very reason, the best design magazines and blogs continuously share the collection of […]

Not-So-Hidden Tutorials and Inspirations to Make Hidden Menus

Pure CSS Off screen Navigation Menu

The use of hidden menus on website are becoming a common design practice for good reason. Now that “Mobilegeddon” is upon us, responsive design has taken more importance than ever. Much of the change in search results is not merely a preference, but it goes in line with how people consume their content online. Using smartphones […]

11 Examples of How Ghost Buttons are Used Effectively


As part of the design trends as early of 2014, ghost buttons are making the most impact among both designers and online visitors. This type of buttons is described as “empty” and “hollow.” Ghost buttons are bordered by the thin line with plain text (in sans serif) inside them to encourage visitors to click the button. The origins […]

10 Amazing Web Designs that Tell a Compelling Story


Storytelling is a major component of every successful brand. The ability to tap into the emotions of your target audience by crafting a compelling story can help them identify more with the products and services your brand offers. Below are examples of top-notch stories told through design that you should strive for with your own […]

Walking the SEO and Web Design Tightrope: How to Balance UX and Site Crawlability?

SEO optimization and web design banners

It’s no longer enough to be a web designer in this day and age. Thanks (or no thanks) to website builders that allow startups and business owners without any design experience to create a website by just dragging and dropping elements unto a page on their site,  the need for a professional designer may not be as […]

How To Use Balanced Symmetry in Web Design


Professional designers incorporate many different ideas related to composition. One of the lesser-discussed but vitally important ideas relates to symmetry. This is the process of adjusting page elements so that they align in exactly equal parts. Creating a layout using balanced symmetry aligns certain elements together into groups. There is also value in using asymmetry […]

What’s Your Response to Responsive Design?


More than two years have passed since web designers, SEOs, and the web-savvy community predicted the need for a responsive website; but, until recently, not everyone got the message. According to some, trending reports indicating that the majority of websites are using responsive designs are grossly inaccurate. Research conducted by Guy Podjarny found that the […]