The Flat Revolution is Here: Things You Need to Know about Flat Design 2.0


Flat design is one of the many design trends from years past that was expected to make an impact in 2015. A reaction to the real This approach is a departure from the skeuomorphic design trend that was taking place as early as 2011. Skeuomorphs are design elements that focused in recreating real life to […]

Near-Perfect Lead Generation Forms: 2 Prime Examples

Near-Perfect Lead Generation Forms

A successful lead generation strategy relies on featuring a useful form. From this form, you can get visitors to perform a desired action. This includes clicking a button pointing to your landing page. It can also encourage them to enter their email to subscribe. Lead generation lets you inspire action and engage with visitors in meaningful ways. The […]

8 Areas of Specialization for Web & Graphic Designers


Some designers prefer the jack-of-all-trades route because it offers more job security. But most specialists would debate that focusing on a particular skillset improves your recognition amongst clients and employers. This isn’t to say you should only learn one area of design and never try anything else. The idea of specialization is to do amazing […]

Top Mac Designer Apps


Graphic designers are the enthusiasts who put in their considerable efforts by sitting for hours to make the picture perfect. Designers are generally paid for their creations and artwork. Nowadays when everything is digital, this graphic design has also reached computers and now the graphic designers are the complete computer professional giving their best with […]

Responsive Email Templates: Building a Newsletter from Scratch

Mobile apps concept. Flat design vector illustration. Human hand with tablet, laptop and interface icons

Online businesses have included email marketing as part of their strategy with good reason. Unlike other tactics that help increase traffic and engagement with users, email takes the personal approach in enticing their target audience to becoming clients and customers, among other reasons. More importantly, email marketing has reached new height due to the advent of mobile devices. According […]

Create Scary-Good Ghost Buttons Using These Resources


While the name connotes spookiness, ghost buttons as a design practice are anything but. This design trend that has been gaining stream since last year is a cool way to feature CTA buttons on the landing pages of your website. Due to how web developers and designers gravitate toward minimalism as part of their design practice, ghost buttons […]

Everything You Need to Know About Adobe Creative Cloud in 7 Tutorials

Adobe Creative

Much has been said about Adobe Creative Cloud, most of which are unflattering. The sudden shift from the traditional release cycles of the Creative Suite series to a software as a service (SaaS) model, in which users must subscribe to its services online to receive the latest version of the bundled software, has irked the rabid and […]

30 Content-Heavy Online Magazine Website Layouts


Online magazine design is a complex topic, but one consistent element is the value of typography. Great web design hinges on typography and this is especially true for blogs & magazines. The following examples have been hand-picked to showcase excellent typographic techniques for magazine layouts. These websites must account for thousands(or millions) of unique visitors […]

Less is More: Best Minimalist Website Design Principles in Display

Less is More: 20 Best Minimalist Website Design for Your Inspiration

In a world where everything is possible in design, there’s a tendency by designers to put the colors and shapes in the forefront. While the use of both elements in design is integral in making a more indelible impact to your consumers with your product, using both can be counterproductive if not used the right way. […]