6 Trending Projects in Graphic Design


What sort of projects can graphic designers look forward to in the coming months? Current trends indicate companies are growing more innovative than ever and calling for the services of professional designers. Graphic design work is evolving and adapting to a variety of materials, styles, and marketing approaches. Take a look at this list of […]

36 Beautifully Crafted Foreign Websites in German


The field of web design has expanded into every major country on Earth. The western world is known for originally pioneering the Internet and the World Wide Web. But many exceptionally talented websites have come out of South America, The Middle East, and also various countries found within Europe. For this design gallery I have […]

28 Smooth Parallax Scrolling Web Design Layouts


Parallax website layouts take advantage of dynamic animations to move between content panels. These designs often scroll in a vertical or horizontal pattern while animating page elements along the way. Parallax interfaces will catch your visitor’s attention quickly because they stand out dramatically in comparison to a “typical” website design. This showcase is dedicated to […]

28 Examples of Captivating Brand Identity Design


Branding is a tough concept when just getting started in the creative field. To build a brand identity you need some type of memorable idea. The name itself should help, but typography and logos/icons can really spruce up a rather mundane branding concept. In this showcase I have put together some brand new ideas pulled […]

28 Educational Podcasts for Web Designers & Developers


iTunes has changed the way that we listen to music and download TV shows. But podcasting is another area which does not get as much attention. I think there are dozens of outstanding podcasts to be found online, and many of them touch upon fairly obscure topics. There is an audience for almost every podcast […]

35 Website Layouts using Flat Design Techniques


The minimalist flat design trends have been pouring out onto the Internet in recent months. I have witnessed a large number of new UI kits and website designs full of colorful flat buttons, links, navigation items, and input forms. These are not exclusive UI elements but just a few examples to show how quickly the […]