Two Web Design Lessons From Two Powerful Brands


When it comes to mastering great web design, there are two approaches to take: study the advanced theories and invent something beautiful, or learn the basics and make slight alterations of sites that work well. We’re of the belief that the second approach is best for most businesses, especially if time and money are scarce. […]

Purple Patch – 24 Website Layouts with Purple Colour Schemes


Blending colors naturally into a layout can be tough. It requires practice and some conceptual ideas regarding user interfaces & web design trends. I love taking a closer look at unique websites focused on a general theme or concept. Matching colors are just one dimension in the ever-growing landscape of web design. For this gallery […]

45 Notable Website Registration and Login Forms


Modern design trends have been changing with newer ideas constantly hitting the Internet. Web designers have been following along, and this has lead to a multitude of unique ideas being expressed in current layouts. Any typical piece of an interface can be enhanced from more common, traditional ideas. This gallery focuses on a collection of […]

10 Sleek Kickstarter Projects for Design Enthusiasts


Internet users must know about the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It grew rapidly over these past few years and has sponsored thousands of amazing products. Designers who appreciate the craft will really get a kick out of many items on Kickstarter. For this post I’ve catalogued 10 recent found in Kickstarter with a beautiful presentation. […]

Taking Your Business Global with Cross-Cultural Website Design

Color Wheel

As soon as your website goes live it technically has a global reach. Anyone from Toronto to Tokyo can access your little corner of cyberspace, but that doesn’t mean they will. Distances might not mean much online, but linguistic and cultural differences remain. It takes a little forethought and planning to successfully reach across these […]

7 Tips to Speed Up Responsive Websites


On the Internet today, there’s a “need for speed.” Customer behavior is one thing; online behavior for every customer is totally something else. The speed at which a website loads is the moment of truth. Unless the website loads properly and quickly enough, the customer is long gone (unlike traditional business outlets where customers tend […]

33 Website Layouts with Subtle Pink Color Schemes


I have been tackling many color-based website galleries in the past few months. Pink is a somewhat ambiguous color often associated with girly things. But pink can mean so many different ideas, and it combines nicely with other color schemes as well. This gallery contains 33 examples of brilliant subtle pink color schemes for designers. […]

6 Trending Projects in Graphic Design


What sort of projects can graphic designers look forward to in the coming months? Current trends indicate companies are growing more innovative than ever and calling for the services of professional designers. Graphic design work is evolving and adapting to a variety of materials, styles, and marketing approaches. Take a look at this list of […]

36 Beautifully Crafted Foreign Websites in German


The field of web design has expanded into every major country on Earth. The western world is known for originally pioneering the Internet and the World Wide Web. But many exceptionally talented websites have come out of South America, The Middle East, and also various countries found within Europe. For this design gallery I have […]