28 Examples of Captivating Brand Identity Design


Branding is a tough concept when just getting started in the creative field. To build a brand identity you need some type of memorable idea. The name itself should help, but typography and logos/icons can really spruce up a rather mundane branding concept. In this showcase I have put together some brand new ideas pulled […]

28 Educational Podcasts for Web Designers & Developers


iTunes has changed the way that we listen to music and download TV shows. But podcasting is another area which does not get as much attention. I think there are dozens of outstanding podcasts to be found online, and many of them touch upon fairly obscure topics. There is an audience for almost every podcast […]

35 Website Layouts using Flat Design Techniques


The minimalist flat design trends have been pouring out onto the Internet in recent months. I have witnessed a large number of new UI kits and website designs full of colorful flat buttons, links, navigation items, and input forms. These are not exclusive UI elements but just a few examples to show how quickly the […]