80+ Swirly, Curly & Floral Vector Resources


Swirls, Curls and Flowers are often linked together in the design world, and are extremely popular. There are hundreds of resources out there for those of you that like to use floral elements in your design work and illustrations. In this post we have rounded up a huge collection of the very best swirly/curly/floral-based design […]

How to Create a Cool Monkey Character in Illustrator


In this tutorial, we’re going to be creating a monkey character illustration using Adobe Illustrator. You’ll be using basic Shape Tools, the Pen Tool and various other Illustrator techniques to create the illustration. Let’s get started! ;) Step 1 Before starting, we need a source to refer to when creating your illustration. You can either […]

30 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials And Walkthroughs

This post is supported by Webdesigner Depot, a popular web design blog covering tutorials, design trends, blogging and inspirational posts. You can visit WDD at webdesignerdepot.com and follow WDD on Twitter @designerdepot. Designing a great logo is no easy task. It’s something people will remember, something that tells a story. In fact, your logo is […]

How To Design An Abstract Wallpaper In Photoshop (and Illustrator)


Combining Illustrator and Photoshop can produce some dramatic and intense effects. Illustrator has the powers (and tools) to easily create abstract shapes, whereas in Photoshop, although possible, this can take up a lot more of your time. In this tutorial we will be creating abstract shapes using the Pen Tool and Shape Tools in Illustrator […]

How To Design A Hand-Drawn Vector Pattern Using Pencils, Photoshop And Illustrator


Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about seamless patterns. Specifically, I’ve been working on various techniques for creating them. Obviously, there are a number of different ways you can go about this, and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to take a single hand drawn element and transform it […]