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How To Design a Wingless Bird Character in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we’re going to be creating a character from the “Heroes and Heartbreakers” series using Adobe Illustrator and a handful of handy techniques.

If you’re interested in this, you might want to check out one of our previous tutorials where we discuss similar techniques: How To Design A Rollerskating Girl In Illustrator.

How To Design A Rollerskating Girl In Illustrator


In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create a vector character based on the character “Angie 80” from the mini vinyl toy series “Heroes and Heartbreakers” designed by Bubnis” and made by Kidrobot“, and we’ll use Illustrator to do it. Step 1 First of all, we need an image of Angie 80 which […]


In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a vector turtle character based on a vinyl toy named “Skuttle” from the “Little Trickers” series. We’re going to be using Adobe Illustrator CS3 for this tutorial, but the majority of old versions and the newer version will work perfectly fine. If you don’t […]

80+ Swirly, Curly & Floral Vector Resources


Swirls, Curls and Flowers are often linked together in the design world, and are extremely popular. There are hundreds of resources out there for those of you that like to use floral elements in your design work and illustrations. In this post we have rounded up a huge collection of the very best swirly/curly/floral-based design […]


Text effects are used in almost everything we see: whether it a simple inner or drop shadow, a subtle gradient, or a full-blown illustrated header. Below we have a selection of thirty great tutorials from across the design community, ready for you to follow and pick up tons of new techniques. You’ll be a text-effect […]


In this tutorial, we’re going to be creating a monkey character illustration using Adobe Illustrator. You’ll be using basic Shape Tools, the Pen Tool and various other Illustrator techniques to create the illustration. Let’s get started! ;) Step 1 Before starting, we need a source to refer to when creating your illustration. You can either […]

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