36 Amusing Websites Designed for Kids & Young Children


Colorful vectors, big glossy text, and playful animations make up the world of children’s website design. Oftentimes these sites are built for kids accessing the Internet but other times they’re made for parents or teachers. This cartoony care-free design style is not meant for every project but in certain cases it can be just what […]

How to Be Authentic via Social Media Among the Chaos


Conversations drive relationships, relationships promote trust and trust influences action. To be brief, conversations lead to action, whether acquiring that sale or subscribed user. So why aren’t you saying more online? Or the real question might be, how can you enable your voice towards greater impact? Impact and garnering respect and responses really doesn’t have […]

32 Brilliant Red Websites for Design Inspiration


I have recently been publishing a number of color-based design galleries for bridging together unique ideas on the web. Colors have a large influence over your audience and how they will react towards the page content. It’s a fairly rudimentary system, but color schemes are vital to the core of any graphic design project. In […]

12 Places for Design Inspiration


One of the best ways to expand your creativity is to take in as much inspiration in the fields of design, art, photography, typography and more. By exposing yourself to the creative word of others you’ll be able to see what’s already out there, identify the way you would change designs people have already created, […]

44 Beautiful Japanese Website Layouts for Design Inspiration


The various trends of web design in Japan can be difficult to understand. There is a large following of Japanese web developers who keep up with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery concepts. This means you can find a myriad of wonderful layouts all designed from people in Japan. Much like the western view of […]

29 New Black & White Website Designs for 2013


It is difficult to locate websites which are designed following a strict black-and-white theme. Remember that colorful tones and imagery will catch the eye when it contrasts off a colorless canvas. It offers a unique sensation in websites and very few designers venture into this area. For this gallery I have rummaged through the Internet […]