12 Places for Design Inspiration


One of the best ways to expand your creativity is to take in as much inspiration in the fields of design, art, photography, typography and more. By exposing yourself to the creative word of others you’ll be able to see what’s already out there, identify the way you would change designs people have already created, […]

44 Beautiful Japanese Website Layouts for Design Inspiration


The various trends of web design in Japan can be difficult to understand. There is a large following of Japanese web developers who keep up with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery concepts. This means you can find a myriad of wonderful layouts all designed from people in Japan. Much like the western view of […]

29 New Black & White Website Designs for 2013


It is difficult to locate websites which are designed following a strict black-and-white theme. Remember that colorful tones and imagery will catch the eye when it contrasts off a colorless canvas. It offers a unique sensation in websites and very few designers venture into this area. For this gallery I have rummaged through the Internet […]

41 Examples of Sketches and Drawings in Website Layouts


The trends for website designers have been constantly changing and adjusting over time. Sketches and illustrations are very common as background interfaces. But what about applying sketched/drawn elements into your common UI elements? These may include navigation links, buttons, ribbons, content headers, search bars, and lots of other possibilities. In this showcase I have collected […]

50 Inspirational Web 2.0 Websites and Social Networks


There are more social networks launching online now than ever before. We can see a whole model of Internet marketing based around user participation. This may include profiles, bulletin boards, photo sharing, along with a litany of additional features. In this gallery I want to showcase a series of beautiful social networks and other web […]

35 Impressive Web Layouts with Vector Illustrations


I love finding new web illustrations for layouts and formal landing pages. Working with a skillset such as illustration brings a whole new world of digital design to the surface. Websites pop off the monitor when you characterize a logo or append beautiful scenery into the background. Check out my collection below full of some […]

33 Website Layouts Designed for Video Game Launches


The subject of video game websites is not often a popular idea. But consider how rapidly video games have advanced since the days of Atari and Nintendo. We now have so many publishers between America and Japan it’s difficult to keep track.

I put together this gallery as a look into past and present design trends. This collection of video game websites includes new releases along with titles published back in early 2000. Notice how each game brings it’s own feelings and emotions into the site layout. This is the perfect showcase if you are building a small website for a game publication – even a product launching for mobile tablets or smartphones. Video games are ingrained into our culture and they’re sure to entertain kids(and adults) for generations to come.

FFX Europe

How to Work with Your Toughest Client: Your Family


Doing freelance design work for a family member or friend can be super stressful. While some freelancers have no problem working with family, others would say that family projects are miserable.

In fact, some freelance designers have a policy not to work for a friend or family member and regularly refer those design projects to colleagues.

There are times, though, when you can’t turn down a friend or family member without causing a major rift. This post provides some pointers to help make friend and family projects go more smoothly. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like Working With Friends and Family Can It Ever Work?