30 Creative Navigation Menus


It’s not always easy creating a navigation menu that stands out, and also serves its purpose without getting in the way. Sites that have a huge number of category pages in particular can be quite daunting as the navigation can soon get out-of-hand.

Other sites may want to show off a beautiful design, and have the navigation work to compliment that. We have selected 30 inspiring navigation menus that have been crafted carefully, fit the personality of the site perfectly and remain creative & interesting whilst still being useful.


20 Best Designed Album Covers for Inspiration


Album covers are a great source of fresh inspiration for your graphic design work. Not only are well-designed album covers artistic, but they’re effective at marketing as well.

The best designed album covers:

  1. Give you a clear representation of what the content will be
  2. Sell you on the content by looking great itself

In other words, what a great visual design should be.

Think about it: how many times were you intrigued by fantastic artwork, and when you put the music on, it was how you’d imagine it would be like? That was a well-designed album cover at work.

So next time you need a fresh source of inspiration for your design work, take a look at well-designed album covers. And the following list of the 20 best designed album covers will get you started.

26 Minimalist Ads That Inspire


Looking to make a big advertising impact in an overpopulated market? Then drop the extra colors, graphics, and lettering. As counterintuitive as it may sound, contemporary advertising companies know that it’s often best to pare content down in order to actually increase an ad’s effectiveness.

Keeping the message of your advertisement straightforward and simple – by pairing a single logo, image, word, or bright hue with a catchy slogan – creates memorable work that is both eye-popping and intriguing.

20 Big and Highly Detailed Icon Sets


Icons come in all shapes and sizes. While the clean and minimalist style is better suited for applications and navigation menus, those highly detailed icons can sure add some eye-candy to your designs.

In fact, a lot of the icons in this post are so detailed that they could be used as feature rather than to complement say an interface or an application menu. I hope you enjoy the showcase. Feel free to chime in and leave a comment at the end of this post.

30 Beautiful Single Page Website Designs


With all the content-heavy and CMS-powered websites out there these days, I find it refreshing to browse a single-page website where all the content is accessible without loading or refreshing a page.

The sites in this post make great use of things like sliders, carousels, Ajax and auto-scroll scripts to display content in a way that doesn’t hinder the user experience but rather improves it. I hope you enjoy this showcase, and of course feel free to chime in and leave a comment at the end of the post.

What 8-Bit Video Games Can Teach Us About Design And UX


The computer sitting at your desk is far more powerful than anything available to all but the largest businesses in the 1980s, enabling us to continue to add layer upon layer without slowing down, and possibly losing focus on why we are here in the first place – to deliver a high quality product.

One possible solution is to this is to artificially limit your design and color options the way Shigeru Miyamoto was limited by technical constraints when designing Zelda and Mario on the NES.

While some of the NES library was filler, there were many standouts that used the limitations of 8 bit technology as strengths, rather than weakness.

30 Examples of Beautiful Arabic Typography


The languages, aesthetics, and calligraphy of other cultures can open up new avenues for typography lovers and graphic artists, who can use a script like Arabic as a new framework within which to express their creativity.

By finding innovative ways in which to present Arabic letter shapes and markings, while also striving to incorporate the culture’s handwriting techniques and themes, designers are given a new area of inspiration and challenge.

Showcase of 20 Minimalist Grid-Based Web Designs


If you’re been reading SpyreStudios for a while now you probably already know we like minimalist designs. In fact we’ve showcased many websites featuring a minimalist design in the past. We thought it was time for another round.

Minimalism doesn’t rhyme with grid systems, but many grid-based websites will feature a stripped down and clean design and make great use of typography. After all, it’s all about letting the content shine. I hope you enjoy this post!