40 Resources for Getting Started with jQuery Development


Each year a new batch of young web developers are jumping into the field head-first. Often times frontend web development is the easiest barrier to jumpstart learning. HTML/CSS work is quite simple, but delving into JavaScript provides a deeper realization of general programming topics. These include functions, loops, variables, along with an understanding of how […]

33 Open Source jQuery Plugins for Gathering User Input


I can remember the long structured blocks of JavaScript before jQuery was even an option. Nowadays this library has expanded to include hundreds(if not thousands) of free open source plugins. You can find a particular bit of functionality related to almost any page element on your website. Specifically I’ve collected a list of 33 plugins […]

22 JavaScript/jQuery Tutorials for New Web Developers


Frontend web development is the hottest area for modern user interactivity. You can build practically any type of user interaction when you understand the concepts behind JavaScript. DOM manipulation is a hugely popular technique which, coupled with Ajax requests, can build one incredible user experience. In this showcase I have collected 22 exciting jQuery & […]

How to Style iOS Sliding Checkboxes with jQuery


With so much hype surrounding the new iPhone 4S release we’ve seen a lot more iOS app development hitting the mainstream. As such their techniques in design and user interfaces are sure to trickle out among the mass of web designers. In this case I’d like to spend some time examining the iOS slider switches common since early iOS 4.

This tutorial is a straightforward walkthrough about how to implement and work with these inputs. Through jQuery we can dynamically create a hidden input field which holds the checked/unchecked position of the slider bar. In my demo we’ve created a mockup settings page which mirrors the current switch value openly in the form.

featured image - iOS sliding check boxes demo screenshot

19 CSS3 and jQuery Tutorials for Perfect UI Design


I’m sure we’re all aware of how popular jQuery has become. And with the recent standards of HTML5 and CSS3 being released, web designers have been jumping all over this to build very creative content. I have particularly been focused on user interface design and have found a lot of fantastic tutorials around the web.

Check out our list of the top jQuery and CSS3 tutorials below. These pertain to prettying up your website with rounded corners, custom cursors, CSS animations, and a ton of other effects. If you have your own tutorials or would like to share a unique resource please add your conversation in the comments area below.

CSS3 Rounded Image with jQuery

22 Articles and Tutorials for Getting Started with jQuery

Frontend web developers have been paving a path for clearer standards. Over the years web browsers have slowly been conditioning themselves to render webpages in this fashion. And now with the release of an HTML5 standard, things are moving faster than ever. It’s no surprise that jQuery has taken a jump into the spotlight as the premier animations/effects library.

We are all aware just how powerful jQuery can be. User experience is always #1 on my web design checklist, and should be on yours as well. That’s why I’ve gathered a collection of 22 awesome tutorials building with jQuery UI. If you have questions or similar tutorials, please offer your comments in the discussion area below.

jQuery for Absolute Beginners Video Series

How To Create a Cute Popup Bar With HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery


Today we’ll be creating a bar that pops up at the top of a page, and stays above the content (similar to ‘hellobar’). The popup bar was only tested in Chrome and Safari and may not work in other browsers. The bar can be used to display information, for example your latest blog post, to the user.

The way the bar pops out at the top makes sure it’ll be seen. And after the visitor has seen the information, he/she has the option to hide the bar.