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Frontend web developers have been paving a path for clearer standards. Over the years web browsers have slowly been conditioning themselves to render webpages in this fashion. And now with the release of an HTML5 standard, things are moving faster than ever. It’s no surprise that jQuery has taken a jump into the spotlight as the premier animations/effects library.

We are all aware just how powerful jQuery can be. User experience is always #1 on my web design checklist, and should be on yours as well. That’s why I’ve gathered a collection of 22 awesome tutorials building with jQuery UI. If you have questions or similar tutorials, please offer your comments in the discussion area below.

jQuery for Absolute Beginners Video Series

33 Excellent jQuery Tutorials


In this post we have collected some useful and excellent jQuery tutorials for web developers and designers. Enjoy!!

How To Build a Sliding Feature Slideshow with jQuery

Photobooth with PHP, jQuery and CSS3

How To Create a Cute Popup Bar With HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

Today we’ll be creating a bar that pops up at the top of a page, and stays above the content (similar to ‘hellobar’). The popup bar was only tested in Chrome and Safari and may not work in other browsers. The bar can be used to display information, for example your latest blog post, to the user.

The way the bar pops out at the top makes sure it’ll be seen. And after the visitor has seen the information, he/she has the option to hide the bar.

Creating a CSS3 Generator with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery

Many of you have probably already seen some of those CSS3 generators that have been poppin’ up? Have you perhaps been wondering how they’re made? Wonder no more, that’s what we’ll be creating today, using CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery.

The CSS3 generator we will be creating is Webkit only, so make sure you open up the demo in a Webkit browser like Safari or Chrome.


With the amount of content available online these days, we sometimes have to resort to using different techniques in order to show/hide/group some content or information on a web page. Content sliders are very popular because they work and usually don’t hinder usability and in many cases can even improve the user experience. Today we’ll […]


More and more we see people using horizontal sliding panels on their websites. And they usually look very nice! Some will put a contact or login form in there, others will put some information about them and their website, or even things like a tag cloud or social networking buttons.

Horizontal sliding panels are great for many situations, but like everything else, they’re not always ideal. It depends on the project. To see what I mean by ‘horizontal sliding panel‘, go have a look at my other site Design-Newz, and click on the ‘want more‘ button that’s on the right above the navigation bar.

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