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The movement of freelance design portfolios on the web has never seen more activity. Photographers and web designers alike are sporting flashy portfolio layouts focused on minimalism. Many of these designs are also one-page websites where all the content is located together on a single page. Many of these designs also incorporate sub-pages only for […]

Minimalist Design: A Brief History and Practical Tips

Minimalist design is one of the most significant design movements of the 20th century and early 21st century. It isn’t the flashiest, or the most popular, but it arguably penetrated more fields than almost any other art or design trend. Everything from user interfaces, to hardware designs, to cars, to films and games, to the web and visual designs of today – all those fields and more were influenced by minimalism.

Your friends might not know what minimalism is, but chances are they’re currently using or viewing a minimalist design: a modern phone, a clean web or application interface, looking at a slick brochure or other graphically-presented information, sitting in a simple living space on a sleek sofa, and so forth.

What 8-Bit Video Games Can Teach Us About Design And UX

The computer sitting at your desk is far more powerful than anything available to all but the largest businesses in the 1980s, enabling us to continue to add layer upon layer without slowing down, and possibly losing focus on why we are here in the first place – to deliver a high quality product.

One possible solution is to this is to artificially limit your design and color options the way Shigeru Miyamoto was limited by technical constraints when designing Zelda and Mario on the NES.

While some of the NES library was filler, there were many standouts that used the limitations of 8 bit technology as strengths, rather than weakness.

Showcase of 20 Minimalist Grid-Based Web Designs

If you’re been reading SpyreStudios for a while now you probably already know we like minimalist designs. In fact we’ve showcased many websites featuring a minimalist design in the past. We thought it was time for another round.

Minimalism doesn’t rhyme with grid systems, but many grid-based websites will feature a stripped down and clean design and make great use of typography. After all, it’s all about letting the content shine. I hope you enjoy this post!

Applying a Clean & Imageless Design to an Article – Part I

For Christmas this year, my beautiful wife gave me a copy of The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Volume 2. Obviously, I have been perusing the book, and I am finding that there are tons of awesome web designs to take in. I’m super happy with the gift and I expect that it will prove to be a highly valuable resource throughout 2011, and beyond.

Yet, even just a quick perusal of the book reveals the prevailing influence of Photoshop (or other graphics programs) on the industry at large. Today, the web is full of beautiful, rich and colourful graphics that continuously amaze and impress us in all manner of very legitimate ways. But just because we can include all of this incredible imagery, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we have to. Sometimes, the simple use of colour, shape and typography can create an attractive and elegant design all on its own.

Showcase of Minimalism in Movie Posters From 1967 to 2010

Minimalism in movie posters is something that is becoming more and more popular, as you can clearly see from the examples showcased below, there are many more minimal posters from recent years compared to the amount seen in the 90’s and earlier. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It does take a […]

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