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40 Minimalist Icon, Symbol & Pictogram Sets


Minimalism is always a hot topic in web-design and there are many well-crafted minimalist websites and interfaces out there. While searching for some icons for a recent project I came across some great minimalist icon and symbol sets and thought I’d expand my search and share my findings here with you. Please note that some […]


Minimalism is beautiful. It truly is. The best part about minimalism in web design is that it comes in many styles, colors and sizes, but they always have the same goal in mind – saying the most while saying the least. A great quote by Albert Einstein can sum up minimalism (in my opinion) 100%. […]

Why You Should Invest In a Minimalist Office


The shopping list for a new home office gets bigger and bigger every year, with more technology invading our desks and forcing us to divide our attention even further. From new phones to do-all PC applications, the average design office is absolutely packed with technology, most of it largely unnecessary. However, despite the wave of […]

40 Killer Minimalist Blog Designs


Regular readers of SpyreStudios will recognize that the love of minimalism runs pretty deep around here (judging by the minimalism articles we’ve published before: here, here and here). So today we’re going to explore the excellent use of minimalism in blog design. The designers of these blogs knew what was important and made sure that […]


By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that I love minimalist designs. I’ve featured many simple and minimalist websites on SpyreStudios before but this time I wanted to feature sites that not only have a minimalist layout but that also use very little colors. I tried to find sites that use a greyscale color scheme […]

20 Examples Of Dark & Minimalist Website Designs With Great Typography

Some time ago I published a post where I listed 15 minimalist designs that inspired me to redesign this site. One comment I received on that post was from my friend Tracey Grady asking me why they all had white backgrounds, and if it’s a personal preference or simply a coincidence. Well it definitely was […]

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