12 Unique Freebie Graphics for Web Designers


New PSD and AI vector graphics are released online every day. Freebies have become a tremendous market themselves, gathering support from designers and developers alike. There are many freebie directories but it can be tough finding exactly what you need. In this article I would like to share a small collection of freebies which are […]

30 New Open Source Plugins and Scripts for Dynamic Websites


Open source code provides a means where developers can quickly build new projects without structuring every feature from the beginning. I specifically follow a lot of jQuery plugins which are built off the ever-popular jQuery library. Since the library is open source, many of the plugins are also released for free using a similar license. […]

Designing Catchy Webpages using Depositphotos


You can find plenty of example resellers online with products including web graphics, vectors, icons, and other useful resources. I think there is a much larger market for designers and freelancers who need access to quick graphics for a website display. And compared with typical pricing you can expect Depositphotos will carry a much larger […]

Collection of 26 jQuery Plugins for Handling Website Media


Over the course of 2012 and well into 2013 we have seen lots of open source projects come to fruition. Developers are more than happy to publish their codes online if not to support and help other developers with the same problems. Most notably the jQuery JavaScript library has grown to amass a huge following […]

30 Powerful and Free Drupal CMS Themes


I think it’s a safe bet to assume Drupal is one of the most appreciated open source CMS platforms based on PHP/MySQL. Knowledgeable web developers would agree that Drupal CMS offers more customizations from the backend, without hacking into your theme files. There are also plenty of members in the community who provide support and […]

22 Vintage Style Website Designs for Inspiration


The old retro vintage style is one of my personal favorites. The 1950s was an era engrossed by this style of cartoon bubbly-lettered branding. From cafes, diners, drive-in movies, hardware stores, fast food restaurants, and anything else you could think about. Nowadays we can look back over this era and pick apart the design styles […]