26 Landing Page Designs for Console & Mobile Games


Creating a fully-playable game requires an assortment of skills from development to design and especially marketing. Every great game needs a website to showcase features and promotions, but most importantly to help sell the game to potential players. In the past we’ve covered landing page design as a sub-genre of general web design. These action-focused […]

15 Insanely Beautiful Leaflet Designs

insanely beautiful leaflet designs

Editor’s note: Chris is a print design enthusiast with a passion for minimalism. He has collected over 100 leaflets over the years, which now serve as inspiration for his design projects. You can follow him on Twitter. Leaflets are everywhere, but most of the time, they can be pretty boring and also, rather dull. A lot […]

26 Inspirational Architecture Firm Website Designs


Agency websites have become much more commonplace relative to the growth of online businesses. Different styles will benefit different agencies and this is especially true of architecture firms. As the old saying goes: measure twice, cut once. If you’re designing an agency website these examples should help you measure ideas before cutting right into the […]

32 Examples of TV Network Websites for Design Inspiration


Digital entertainment is a vast industry which has flourished over the past century. Movie and television studies have proliferated and grown into numerous media conglomerates. Nowadays it’s common that most great movies will get their own custom website. But not as many people consider that websites are also created for major network television stations. Whether […]

26 Unique Tech Gadget Websites for Design Inspiration


New technology is constantly hitting the marketplace and capturing the attention of early adopters. Lots of cool gadgets have been created for smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and even 3D printing. Modern Internet startups have also pushed the boundaries on 21st century technology. This gallery focuses on a collection of website layouts dedicated to tech […]

30 Scholastic College & University Website Layouts


Modern education has become much more advanced with a larger Internet presence than ever before. Colleges and universities basically need a website to promote tuition fees, academics, campus life, and plenty of similar resources. But unfortunately not every college website has been designed with elegance or grace. I’ve organized 30 gorgeous website layouts created for […]

40 Official Government Agency Websites for Design Inspiration


If there’s one area of web design that could use a few exemplary models it would be worldwide government websites. Most countries and cities around the world launch websites that are difficult to use or just plain ugly(or both!). These projects do not always garner necessary attention because of budget constraints and micro-managing creative directors. […]

22 Web & Graphic Design Tutorials for Learning Sketch 3


More and more digital designers have made the switch over to Sketch by Bohemian Coding. This is a newer program made only for Mac OS X which behaves much like Photoshop and Illustrator combined. You can work with vector graphics, pixel graphics, photos, icons, really anything you’d desire. The GUI is a little different but […]