7 Great Web Designs For “Un-Sexy” Products

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Editor’s note: This post was written by Scott Huntington, a graphic designer and blogger from Pennsylvania. Follow him on Twitter: @SMHuntington. Not every product on the market can be glamorous, sexy and frequently shared on Pinterest. However, these products are still very necessary and important to millions of people. These industries exist to help companies or every […]

60 Minimal WordPress Themes


Editor’s note: This post was written by Sunalini Rana, a working mom who left her stable career as a human resources manager to pursue her dream of becoming a professional blogger. She’s self-taught in web design and photography, and always loves learning new things and helping others along the way. She also has an unhealthy passion […]

30 Health and Fitness Website Layouts for Design Inspiration


As more people grow familiar using the Internet they expect to find websites for every modern company. These days it’s practically in the realm of lunacy to ignore the ever-growing popularity of digital information. Even some online contact information is better than nothing at all. And when looking for design inspiration it’s crucial to pull […]

20 Examples of Beautiful & Elegant Landing Pages


Editor’s Note: David works for Radley, who create beautiful handbags and purses. When he’s not working, he enjoys studying user interface and product design. For businesses on the web, beautiful design can go a long way. Great landing pages have been discussed before on this site, but I find with each design there’s always something […]

30 Warm Examples of Yellow Website Layouts


Any color enthusiast will know how important it is to pick the right color scheme. A creative project will be vastly affected by the seemingly harmless choice of colors. Especially websites that require a lot of user interaction, since the user’s focus will be constantly locked onto the screen. Yellow tends to permeate warmth, brilliance, […]

8 Great Examples of Calls to Action

calls to action

The idea behind a call-to-action is to get the reader to “perform the desired action”. There are different factors that affect the effectiveness of calls to action. We hope you can find some tips from these all-time classic examples of effective CTAs. Vimeo Be liberal in the usage of white space: its appropriate positioning around the […]

35 Examples of Flat Portfolio Website Designs


Emerging trends in modern web design have brought about new layouts and new interface styles. Flat & metro design has become a huge design style amongst digital creatives. Simple flat UI elements combined into a minimalist layout provide an excellent solution for any professional designer’s website(or design team). In this showcase I’ve compiled a number […]

36 Creatively Designed Forums and Bulletin Boards


The process of designing a website can be long and arduous. Typical static content websites are more of the bread-and-butter layouts we see everyday. However there are plenty of more detailed examples involving message boards, forums, and other social communities. In this gallery I’ve put together 36 screenshots of well-crafted bulletin boards for designers. Building […]

28 Examples of Bar, Grill, and Steakhouse Websites


Web design projects for restaurants can be a heavy challenge. You need to think in terms of usability for people who are looking for information like directions, operational hours, and menu items. These designs are often more classy, but can vary based on the restaurant’s theme. I recently put together a similar post of café […]