7 Best Tools for Web Designers in 2015

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Experienced web designers know that they are skills are useless unless they use the right tools to enhance their final products. However, it may take years of practice and experience in order to gather a collection of tools that will have a huge impact on the web design projects you work on. If you are […]

Adobe Keyboard Mapper Showcases Hundreds of Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

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Editor’s note: This post was written by John,  a design enthusiast with a passion for blogging, too. He regularly writes on the subject of design on his own blog, along with a number of other popular publications. He is also a design freelancer. If you’re a photographer, web designer, developer, blogger, magazine designer/editor, or even a […]

The Web Apps That Web Designers And Developers Need To Use

There are numerous project management and process streamline programs available to help you, whether you are a freelancer or entrepreneur or a small business owner, to improve the ways in which you do business and thereby improve your bottom line. Some of these applications are free; some are not. A few are cloud-based. All are […]

Top Free Sites for PSD Voice Balloons and Fonts

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Editor’s note: This post was written by Alicia R. Norman, a freelance writer as well as a graphic illustrator/animator. Norman’s primary goal is combine the vivid storytelling with animation in order to make scintillating, fun and/or thought provoking films. As a content provider, Alicia R. Norman is driven to create quality compositions at affordable prices. […]

12+ Tools for Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme

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Editor’s note: This post was written by Shah, who writes about web design & development. If you want know about more useful tools for web design or more tips & ideas for web development, designews.org is the place for you to see what has been shared for design, creativity & inspiration hungry audience. You can join Shah on Google+. Designing […]

Massive Deal of 1,589 Retro Design Elements for Only $39 (Save $421) from Deal Jumbo


Deal Jumbo is offering, for a limited time, a Best Sellers Mega Bundle of 1,589 individual retro/vintage design elements, templates, effects and custom fonts at 92% off the regular price of $460. This is a collection of high quality design resources from the CreativeMarket.com bestsellers and other premium designers. Deal Jumbo is a hot new […]

7 Ways Time-Tracking Leads to More Creative Work


Editor’s Note: This post was written by Tom Braley, who worked as an advertising creative for nearly 20 years before making the switch to the technology sector. He now writes copy, blogs and marketing material for Thrive Software, creators of Solo, a beautifully designed project management tool for creative freelancers. You can follow him on Twitter: @Tom_ThriveSolo. The business […]