Create an HTML5 Inline Text Editing Page Effect using jQuery


After testing many jQuery plugins recently I have found something exquisite. The Popline.js script allows inline-editable content from users. It will generate a unique toolbar for creating headers, formatted text, hyperlinks, and other neat features. You can also generate a separate view-only mode where visitors can share content out to social networks, or search the […]

Build a Mini Image Gallery Slideshow using Galleria


After searching through countless blog posts I have been looking for a really great image gallery slideshow. Something that could be added into WordPress and made as an easy publishing solution. This lead me onto Galleria which is a beautiful open source responsive image slideshow using jQuery. In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how […]

How To Build a Custom Ad Banner Rotator Script with jQuery


There are so many reasons why you may consider using JavaScript as a random banner generator instead of a backend server language. But the primary reason is when using a caching system, as the banner advertisement itself will only randomize once for the cache. Then it stays the same on every pageview. However with JavaScript […]

Building Internal Content Scrollbars using jQuery


Mobile web applications and some more advanced layouts are commonly seen using internal scroll bars. These are custom-made scroll features which are nested inside another container on the page. I feel these have become more popular since the rise of dynamic content and the popularity of jQuery plugins. Keep in mind that most webpages still […]

24 CSS3 Tutorials for Advanced User Interface Effects


Web developers are becoming crafty as web browsers are updating to more popular standards. This can only lead to better support along with an easier frontend development time. One of the best methods for studying new techniques is by practicing with online tutorials. I want to present a series of 24 well-explained tutorials for more […]

Code a Dynamic Featured Image Gallery Layout using jQuery


The common image thumbnail carousel effect has gained traction among web developers. You can locate this technique on almost any major news company or online magazine, coupled with rotating featured images or banner designs. I feel that open source code has offered a much smoother choice for developers instead of being forced to write your […]

Coding a Horizontal Navigation Bar with jQuery Dropdown Menus


It is very common to find dropdown navigation elements within website layouts. Developers use these types of hidden menus for displaying extra links which are typically related to the main topic. Other examples may use sliding panels or varying accordion-style menus to accomplish the same interface. But for this tutorial I want to build a […]

Build an HTML5 Signup Form with Dynamic CAPTCHA


Build an HTML5 Signup Form with Dynamic CAPTCHA There are plenty of great tutorials on the Internet which follow along the typical CAPTCHA security technique. However after playing around in website interfaces I wanted to put together a dynamic CAPTCHA which slides into the form after everything else is completed. This effect should work in […]