Code a Dynamic Questions & Answers FAQ Page with jQuery


You can perform many various effects using the jQuery JavaScript library. It’s an open source project which has been gaining followers for a couple years now. Aside from the many jQuery plugins you can build a lot of custom web functionality right from scratch. I want to use this tutorial to showcase how we can […]

Flickr-Style Dynamic Edit Fields with jQuery and CSS3


The typical Flickr interface design includes a lot of Ajax panels which you can edit right from any settings page. Their website layout incorporates many web 2.0 trends as you move from account settings to photo settings and uploads. There are plenty of resources we could look at, and in this tutorial I’d like to […]

Coding a Minimalist Contact Form with CAPTCHA Spam Protection


Website contact forms are almost a staple of the modern day Internet. Most company websites will have a small contact form where visitors can share their thoughts or suggestions to the webmaster. But there are also so many bots available that these forms can become plagued with spam. To counter this we need to setup […]

How to use Custom UIButton Graphics for iPhone Applications


Anyone familiar with Xcode will likely understand the breadth and depth of the Cocoa Touch library. This mobile development suite includes pre-built components for all of the native iOS functionality such as input fields, switches, sliders, and definitely buttons.

Featured Image: Xcode custom buttons for iPhone apps

In this tutorial I’d like to show you a simple way to implement your own custom button graphics. I’ll be using the latest Xcode 4.2 release and building an application in iOS5. You do not need to understand Objective-C but it certainly doesn’t hurt the process. When building iPhone apps you’ll eventually have to deal with code so Objective-C should be something to embrace!

How to Design a Dribbble-Style Homepage Layout


The popular design network Dribbble has grown substantially in just a few short years. Graphics designers and illustrators from all over the world have flocked onto the web seeking invites. But aside from the exclusivity their layout design has become a prominent factor of the entire branding.

I love the simplistic nature of their gallery-style photo boxes. It matches well with a community of designers excited to share their latest pixels with the world. In this tutorial I’ll go over techniques for constructing a similar design in HTML5 and CSS3. You can build a very similar page structure with just bare-bones essential CSS. Yet when we can utilize new browser-supported properties like box shadows the process becomes much more captivating.

Dribbble home page design layout

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