How Typography is Shaping the Course of Web Design: A Primer


Typography can influence the overall web design like no other page element. The choice or combination of ill-advised typefaces can determine an beautiful website to an awful one. At times, typography is the design itself. This is proven true with beautiful websites that rely on spacing and deliberately chosen typeface to convey their respective messages. The year of typography […]

21 Free Typography Tools for Web & UI Designers


Penmanship practice can go a long way towards understanding traditional typography. Yet when it comes to digital typography the subject gets more confined and particular. Granted there are plenty of tips & tricks for improving typography which you can follow and learn. But ultimately the greatest way to learn anything is by diving head-first into […]

32 Photoshop Tutorials for Beautiful Logo Design Techniques


The process of designing a logo is arduous and time-consuming. Illustrator is typically most common when first crafting a typeface, but Photoshop is much more handy during the finishing stages for adding brilliant text effects. In the past I’ve covered new Photoshop tutorials focused on general design for print graphics & websites. But in this […]

The Art Of Mixing Typefaces – Google Fonts Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]


Editor’s note: This post was written by Josh Pagin, a freelance designer and blogger with a particular passion for all things typography related. He also loves minimalist design. Follow him on Google+.  Typography can make or break a design. As a graphic designer, you probably already know this fact. If you’re anything like me though, […]

Entering a New World of Symbol Fonts

Symbols Imagery

Believe it or not, symbol fonts –also known as icon fonts- are quite useful when it comes to utilizing markup. Of course, they come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, or perhaps more importantly there are some issues that arise while using them. If you’re well-versed in HTML, CSS and the like chances […]

When Typography Does All the Talking

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Graphic design is certainly a form of art, and many especially innovative design specialists figure out effective ways to strengthen the impact of text, whether it’s words that are part of a banner, the navigation bar of a website or even a magazine insert. One major way they do that successfully is by tweaking the […]