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Online shopping websites will almost always have one thing in common – the products listing. No matter what products are being sold, there needs to be some layout for displaying these products to the end user. E-commerce product display listings are used in various sizes and formats. But the end result is capturing interest from […]


Support pages are a commonly accepted trait amongst webmasters. Once your website grows to support a large enough userbase you simply have to offer some type of knowledgebase. My personal favorite is the FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll run into all kinds of different webpage layouts when it comes to FAQ styles. That’s […]


Website development, content marketing and premium link building with Performancing. Many designers claim they are experts with building user experience. And often times this is correct, but there is a scientific approach you can have towards building digital interfaces. What works best for displaying navigation links, image content, video media, etc? I can think of at least […]


Just back a decade ago everybody was talking about web 2.0 trends. The Internet was bustling with hundreds of new startup ideas following MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and now even things like Foursquare and Pinterest. The advancing world of tech startups has proven there is no shortage of new ideas.

And when it comes to web design the scenario is very similar. I have put together 35 examples of new startups which feature brilliant layout designs. Some are web applications, others are social networks, and even a few sites are built around mobile apps. But all of these startups bring new ideas into an otherwise stagnant digital market.

Saas Pose

Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Visitors


The art of web design takes years of practice to really understand how it works. There are so many ideas and UI elements which can build a solid impression on your audience. Designers are always striving to please the visitor and make their experience fun and easy.

Some trends have come out which are frequently seen in modern-day websites. In this guide I want to share a few ideas on how you can design a web layout which leaves a powerful lasting impression. Visitors will keep coming back to your site for the atmosphere and (hopefully) some great content.


Web navigation is a vital piece to any layout. Designers have known this for decades, but not all menus are built equally. It’s very important to distinguish between design and functionality. Some web designers understand this and attempt to better their own skills. Meanwhile the cream of the crop can incorporate both design and functionality with ease.

I have collected this brilliant set of 31 website menus with amazing UX and aesthetics. You need to capture your visitor’s attention and offer them a simple solution for navigating your pages. I hope this collection can provide inspiration for upcoming web designers in the field of user experience.

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