How To Improve User Experience With Heatmap Testing

Heatmap testing for better UX

Getting traffic to a website is one thing, but managing to allocate it to specific pages and offers is a totally different story. While search engine optimization might be considered as more technically oriented, the art of making users watch and click on specific objects replies more on pure psychology. It implicates user experiencce studies […]

Striking a Balance: Features vs. Functionality


It’s a tale that’s common in design circles—you’ve designed a beautiful website with lots of features. You and your client are quite pleased with the finished product, until that dreadful day when the customer feedback starts pouring in. In your haste to build something aesthetically pleasing and packed with features, you neglected to take the […]

How To Design Readable Comment Threads


Comment sections are built for user interaction. Websites are mostly about consumption and comments are a way for readers to share their thoughts with others. But not all comments are created equal, and certain techniques are more favorable than others. In this post I’d like to cover some helpful tips for building readable comment threads. […]

Stylish Examples of Custom Scrolling Effects in Web Design


Many dynamic websites add custom scrolling effects into the layout. These effects can be created using JavaScript which manipulates the page’s default scroll behavior. At times this can be annoying – but when used appropriately custom scrolling can improve a website’s usability. Most scrolling effects originate from parallax websites using custom plugins. These plugins are […]

Walking the SEO and Web Design Tightrope: How to Balance UX and Site Crawlability?

SEO optimization and web design banners

It’s no longer enough to be a web designer in this day and age. Thanks (or no thanks) to website builders that allow startups and business owners without any design experience to create a website by just dragging and dropping elements unto a page on their site,  the need for a professional designer may not be as […]

Best UX Design Solutions for Date Input Fields


The purpose of user experience design is to focus solely on how an interface behaves. This is traditionally more important than the actual design because a pretty-looking website is useless if nobody can use it. Thus UX has become a field unto itself with areas of focus derived from usability and case studies. The absolute […]

The Effects of TLS and SSL on User Experience Design


Creating an effective website can be a time consuming and laborious process, but when done right the results can lead to high traffic and excellent conversions. The site should be easy to read and navigate, the information contained should be well organized and accurate, and maybe most importantly a user should enjoy using the site. […]

8 Killer Ways to Design Higher Converting Web Forms

Placeholder Form Labels

There’s no question that web forms are one of the most important elements of your website. They’re used to capture payment info, user signups, email address, and all kinds of important information. For this reason, you should be spending a lot of time on the design of your web forms to ensure they’re converting well. […]

User Experience Design Concepts from Google Inbox


Google’s newest creation is slowly being lowered on fiber-optic cables à la Frankenstein’s Monster. Google Inbox is meant to redefine how Gmail users interact with and archive their messages. It’s still being tweaked and currently riding on invite-only status. I’ve managed to get access to Inbox and want to cover a few ideas from the […]