Collection of 26 jQuery Plugins for Handling Website Media

Over the course of 2012 and well into 2013 we have seen lots of open source projects come to fruition. Developers are more than happy to publish their codes online if not to support and help other developers with the same problems. Most notably the jQuery JavaScript library has grown to amass a huge following of frontend devs with a lot of talent.

Thus I am dedicating this showcase on 26 of my favorite plugins related to digital website media. Such items may include photos, image galleries, video players, or even embedded media content. All of these plugins are definitely worth a peek to see how you may implement something similar on your next web project. Digital website media is only growing in popularity, so I am sure we can expect even more plugins to be released in the coming months.


open source github fitvids html5 video


jquery background sliding panel photographs


google maps interface api ui designs


media element javascript library open source


jquery fullscreen background images plugin backstretch


picstrips photos inspiration jquery plugin freebie

Touch Gallery

jquery plugin website homepage open source touch-compatible

Touch-Friendly HTML5 Audio Player

codrops plugin jquery html5 mp3 player


javascript bigvideo js open source plugin


jquery plugin carousel images sliding


David Walsh jquery image protection script plugin


nanoscroller plugin jquery open source coding


youtube background fullscreen jquery plugin


jquery plugin effects open source


jquery plugin topup freebie plugin open source

jQuery Knob

freebie jquery plugin knob controls

Large Thumbnail Photo Gallery

open source jquery plugin photo gallery with thumbs

jQuery Instagram

api jquery plugin instagram photos webdev

Percentage Loader

percentage loader website jquery plugin

Gallery Focus

jquery focus plugin open source codes


tiltshift js oen source plugin photographs


ios photo slider slideshow jquery plugin


scrolling windy jquery open source slider plugins

Responsive Image Maps

rwd responsive image maps jquery plugin

jQuery File Upload

ajax multi-file plugin jquery uploads images


stickymojo sliding sidebar jquery plugin opensource