Collection of 450+ Abstract and Fractal Photoshop Brushes

Creating your own Photoshop brushes is fun, and those brushes can be used in a variety of designs, from web to print. It can be quite time-consuming to create your own brushes though. Fortunately for us there’s a lot of free Photoshop brushes sets out there!

Today we’ve collected over 450 abstract and fractal brushes. I hope you enjoy the collection. Feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment at the end of the post.

Abstract Brushes 12

Abstract Brushes (12 Brushes)

Dot Matrix

Dot Matrix (12 Brushes)

900Kelvin Brushes

900Kelvin Brushes (6 Brushes)

Fractal Chaos

Fractal Chaos (10 Brushes)

Fractal 2

Fractal 2 (6 Brushes)

Abstract 04

Abstract 04 (10 Brushes)

Surreal Swirls

Surreal Swirls (15 Brushes)

8 Bit Brushes

8 Bit Brushes (7 Brushes)

Melancholy Brushes

Melancholy Brushes (8 Brushes)

Radiant Brush Set

Radiant Brush Set (19 Brushes)

Abstract Fractal

Abstract Fractal (12 Brushes)

Background Dots

Background Dots (6 Brushes)

Spiral Brush Set

Spiral Brush Set (15 Brushes)

Halftone Brushpack

Halftone Brushpack (16 Brushes)

Spiral Squiggles

Spiral Squiggles (12 Brushes)

5 abstract brushes

5 abstract brushes (5 Brushes)


Radiance (4 Brushes)

4 Abstract Brushes

4 Abstract Brushes (4 Brushes)

Fine Wisps

Fine Wisps (4 Brushes)

shape brushes v1

shape brushes v1 (9 Brushes)

Fractal Pipeline

Fractal Pipeline (5 Brushes)

Fractal Brush Pack 02

Fractal Brush Pack 02 (8 Brushes)

Fortune Brushes

Fortune Brushes (25 Brushes)

Unstable Brushes

Unstable Brushes (10 Brushes)


Hurricane (6 Brushes)

Darius Brushes

Darius Brushes (11 Brushes)

Life Brushes

Life Brushes (8 Brushes)

Evasion Brush Set

Evasion Brush Set (18 Brushes)

Spiro Flowers 2

Spiro Flowers 2 (6 Brushes)

Abstract 3

Abstract 3 (10 Brushes)

Galactic Brushes

Galactic Brushes (10 Brushes)

Star Trail Motion

Star Trail Motion (8 Brushes)

Abstract Brushes

Abstract Brushes (6 Brushes)


Whirls (6 Brushes)


Spaxio (4 Brushes)

Abstract Brushset XV

Abstract Brushset XV (4 Brushes)

Abstract Brushes

Abstract Brushes (6 Brushes)

Spiro Flowers 1

Spiro Flowers 1 (6 Brushes)

Abstract 17

Abstract 17 (10 Brushes)

Twisted Bars

Twisted Bars (5 Brushes)

Infernal brushes

Infernal brushes (9 Brushes)


Twirls (12 Brushes)

Fan Out

Fan Out (7 Brushes)

Doom Abstract Brush Set 2

Doom Abstract Brushes (12 Brushes)

Euphoria Brushes

Euphoria Brushes (24 Brushes)

Abstract Brushes 13

Abstract Brushes 13 (12 Brushes)

Abstract Brush Set

Abstract Brush Set (8 Brushes)

Halftone Grunge

Halftone Grunge (4 Brushes)

Your Turn To Talk

I hope you enjoyed this collection of free Photoshop brushes! Of course feel free to link to other abstract and fractal brushes sets we might have missed.


  1. says

    well this is the one post which deserves a place in bookmarks, these collection can cover almost max of the designer’s requirements for brushes

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