Coming Soon: MediaLoot, A Premium Design Resources Toolbox


If you’ve been following SpyreStudios lately I’m sure you’ve heard about MediaLoot – a new project I’m working on with current FreelanceFolder owner, Mason Hipp.

We’ve received many emails from people interested in this new project and looking for more information.

Here’s the idea: we’ve grown tired of the existing design marketplaces out there and we think there’s room for something different. One of the things I personally dislike is having to go through tons of sites and marketplaces to find the right icon set or brushes I need for my designs. So we decided to create MediaLoot and build this ‘ultimate design toolbox‘. We’ll be offering brushes, vectors, textures, icons sets, graphics, templates, UI sets, etc… all for a very low monthly price.

Actually, Mason put it better than I ever could:

We’ve put together a new company, collected funding, and are working with a bunch of incredibly talented people — all with the goal of creating the ultimate ‘resource toolbox’ for designers. And we’re getting ready to launch in February.

If you’d like to learn more check out and sign up for the newsletter! We’ll be sending emails regularly to keep you folks posted. And, we will also be releasing some freebies over the next couple weeks, so definitely sign up if you want in on that :)

Hey and check out the MediaLoot blog for all the ‘behind the scene‘ stuff!


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