30 Highly Creative Blog Design Layouts

These days blogs come a dime a dozen, so making a highly creative design that captivates the viewer and gets their attention is a key component in having a successful blog. Your content might be killer, and your personality might click well with millions of people, but without holding the attention of an audience who gets bored after 2-3 seconds, your blog just won’t have the same instant impact you deserve. These thirty blogs get it – and they did their job well.

Below you will see thirty blog designs with creative designs that help them stand out from the crowd. From simple grunge and worn looks to the illustrative works, there are many levels of creative here that I tried to cover. I hope you enjoy the post and you get inspired to make something beautiful afterwards.

Ashley Tisdale ↓

Ashley Tisdale

Design Spartan ↓

Design Spartan



Fran Fernández ↓

Fran Fernández

Get Back To Work ↓

Get Back To Work

Squarespace Blog ↓

Squarespace Blog

Design Critique ↓

Design Critique

From Me To You ↓

From Me To You

Hyper Island ↓

Hyper Island

Hey Indy ↓

Hey Indy

Gary’s Real Life ↓

Gary's Real Life

Jason Bradbury ↓

Jason Bradbury

Mark Forrester ↓

Mark Forrester

The Pixel ↓

The Pixel

Tripping Words ↓

Tripping Words

Koodoz Blog ↓

Koodoz Blog

Cog’nition ↓


Work Awesome ↓

Work Awesome

Manuel Romero ↓

Manuel Romero

All For Design ↓

All For Design

justBcoz ↓


Belzebu de Saia ↓

Belzebu de Saia

Duirwaigh ↓


The Reinhardt Blog ↓

The Reinhardt Blog

Best Blog Box ↓

Best Blog Box

Hatch ↓


Undead Labs ↓

Undead Labs

Sean Johnson ↓

Sean Johnson

Ezobase ↓


Tru Speaks ↓

Tru Speaks

And now we give you the floor

Have a blog with a killer design? What about a link to one that we may have missed? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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