30 Highly Creative Blog Design Layouts

These days blogs come a dime a dozen, so making a highly creative design that captivates the viewer and gets their attention is a key component in having a successful blog. Your content might be killer, and your personality might click well with millions of people, but without holding the attention of an audience who gets bored after 2-3 seconds, your blog just won’t have the same instant impact you deserve. These thirty blogs get it – and they did their job well.

Below you will see thirty blog designs with creative designs that help them stand out from the crowd. From simple grunge and worn looks to the illustrative works, there are many levels of creative here that I tried to cover. I hope you enjoy the post and you get inspired to make something beautiful afterwards.

Ashley Tisdale ↓

Ashley Tisdale

Design Spartan ↓

Design Spartan



Fran Fernández ↓

Fran Fernández

Get Back To Work ↓

Get Back To Work

Squarespace Blog ↓

Squarespace Blog

Design Critique ↓

Design Critique

From Me To You ↓

From Me To You

Hyper Island ↓

Hyper Island

Hey Indy ↓

Hey Indy

Gary’s Real Life ↓

Gary's Real Life

Jason Bradbury ↓

Jason Bradbury

Mark Forrester ↓

Mark Forrester

The Pixel ↓

The Pixel

Tripping Words ↓

Tripping Words

Koodoz Blog ↓

Koodoz Blog

Cog’nition ↓


Work Awesome ↓

Work Awesome

Manuel Romero ↓

Manuel Romero

All For Design ↓

All For Design

justBcoz ↓


Belzebu de Saia ↓

Belzebu de Saia

Duirwaigh ↓


The Reinhardt Blog ↓

The Reinhardt Blog

Best Blog Box ↓

Best Blog Box

Hatch ↓


Undead Labs ↓

Undead Labs

Sean Johnson ↓

Sean Johnson

Ezobase ↓


Tru Speaks ↓

Tru Speaks

And now we give you the floor

Have a blog with a killer design? What about a link to one that we may have missed? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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  1. says

    I think these are all fantastic designs. My question would be why we tend to consider designs that are grungy, more cluttered, a little more loosely designed, etc as “creative”.

    While I love the designs in this post, I think you can have an extremely creative minimalistic blog design and still come off as very creative. In fact, I would argue that sometimes it is even harder to be creative when you are forced to be minimalistic. Maybe that’s why only the best of the best can pull off a “creative” minimalistic designs.

    Just something the think about. Loved the featured sites and the post in general. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Grat collection of really kick-butt design. I see Mark Forrester’s site in a lot of galleries. That header image is pretty cool though.

  3. says

    Hi man,
    Thank you for the feature.
    I still wanted to change the design of my blog design because I think it has some big mistakes: not enough balanced, lack of contrast, etc. … But I am glad to see it is still recognized … It is perhaps not as bad as I think.

    It’s always a pleasure to read your blog, congrats for your work here.


  4. says

    Thank you for highlighting the great design of my blog by NYC web designer Kevin Burg! It makes me really proud to be apart of this community of talented artists and bloggers so my sincerest thanks!

    From Me To You,

  5. says

    Thanks for mentioning BestBlogBox, much appreciated. I also like some of the other fetured sites, some very inspiring and innovative…great list thought.

  6. says

    Thanks for including some of my work here! There are some sites here I hadnt seen before that are really gorgeous! :)

  7. says

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Glad to see everyone finding some inspiration in the post.

    @Preston – I think all designs are creative, including the minimalist style – I believe though that more people resonate the “creative” word with “out of the ordinary” which is why I titled the post as so.

  8. says

    I do agree with @Preston, but I would have titled it the same as you did Mike. That’s just a common misconception that a lot of people have.

    Anyways, great round-up and there are a few sites that I haven’t seen before.

  9. says

    wow, these blogs area really creative! I think I really should learn from them on my blog :D thanks for sharing these!!

  10. Brandon S. Adkins says

    Sorry, but the “get back to work” blog has one of the worst designs I’ve ever seen. It’s using that really crappy free font (with the stupid looking ‘e’) that a lot of people are using and its main element is made with very cliche grunge brushes from photoshop. It’s like myspace barfed up on a white piece of paper.

    Not sure why it was included.

  11. says

    Couldn’t agree more with Preston (first post). I think that, while some of these “creative” blog designs look great, a really high proportion of them are practically unuseable in terms of navigation. The user is so blinded by the “wow” factor that they don’t notice the fact that the accessibility is shocking. You get presented with such a massive amount of information and links, it’s difficult to work out where you’re going and how to get there.

    I realise that this is probably a more general problem and one that the popularity of blogs has probably made worse but, in terms of blog design, I honestly think that some of the most creative ones are the ones where the designer has clearly used their imagination and problem-solving to create simple, clean sites that are easy to navigate.

    My definition of a well-designed blog may be different from others’ but I think a good indicator is asking yourself “Can I find exactly what I’m looking for quickly, WITHOUT using the search field?”. Now, I realise that many people visit blogs not knowing what they are looking for (a lot of the time, this seems to be the whole point) but I still like using that as a tell-tale of effective design.

    Rant over, the designs you have chosen in this post are actually a LOT better than many I have seen listed in “Most Creative Blog Designs” posts. I would like to see some super-clean designs listed by someone out there though…

    Thanks for posting!

  12. says

    awesome colors being used on some of the website displayed and really a post to get cool ideas for the next project.

    the best one to me will have to be The Pixel

  13. says

    As mentioned, some of these are indeed great designs, but there is more to be creative than just graphics and images.

    A lot of these, however, do employ some good practises in usability and accessibility; I believe that is very important in design these days, and can also be implemented creatively.

    Some great inspiration here though!

  14. says

    “From me to you” and “Hypher Island” are 2 of the best because they provide personal feel and they are clean, and have a very good color combination. Thanks for sharing!

  15. says

    Great selection of beautiful designs, its an ambition of mine to get a mention in one of these features :^)

    Looking forward to the next show case!

  16. says

    Really nice roundup :) I liked these ones: Duirwaigh (a little Alice in Wonderland or The Imaginarium of the Dr. Parnassus) and Best Blog Box (kinda nice and girly, but in a great way though). But there are several others who are really creative and well though. I love a blog that has a nice and creatively designed header. Thanks for sharing these.

  17. says

    One of the best articles we have ever read on the internet! I recommend it for sure all your friends, so you may want to look you think that the Internet should be more people writing such a wonderful message. If you can recommend me more such articles on these topics, please have some information.

  18. says

    Really very creative blog designs, but I wonder why many of these blog do not rank well on search engines when you search for ‘design blogs”?

    Great inspirational designs for new bloggers :)


  1. 30 Highly Creative Blog Design Layouts…

    These days blogs come a dime a dozen, so making a highly creative design that captivates the viewer and gets their attention is a key component in having a successful blog….

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