40 Creative Uses Of Cufón Font Replacement

Cufón has been growing in popularity among designers as an alternative to sIFR. I have personally used it on a couple website designs for clients now, and I have to say, it’s a great tool to add creativity to your website without cluttering it with a huge amount of image tags.

I went through the interwebs and scoured for hours upon hours (ok, maybe just 2) to find a showcase of some of the creative uses of the Cufón font replacement in action. Below are those websites. If you know of one (or you own one), feel free to drop a comment and let us know. :)

The Visual Click ↓

The Visual Click

Press 75 ↓

Press 75

Newlife Uniting ↓

Newlife Uniting

IceArt ↓


International Rugby Association ↓

International Rugby Association

Phoenix Web Design ↓

Phoenix Web Design

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church ↓

St Andrews

Rock Beats Paper ↓

Rock Beats Paper

Mochi Media ↓

Mochi Media

Pixel PR Studio Reklamy ↓

Pixel PR Studio Reklamy



Momentify ↓


Localti.me ↓


Healthy Valdosta ↓

Healthy Valdosta

Don’t Talk To Robots ↓

dont talk to robots

Sage Blue ↓

Sage Blue

Camtessa ↓


You Know Who ↓

You Know Who

Pixel Hype Design ↓

Pixel Hype Design

Shopify ↓


Primer Presents ↓

Primer Presents

Chantyce ↓


PSD2eCommerce ↓


Strip Turnout ↓

Strip Turnout

Zendesk ↓


Yellow Bird Project ↓

Yellow Bird Project

Mana Music ↓

Mana Music

Rut Med Flera ↓

Rut Med Flera

Ugmonk ↓


34One Design Studio ↓

34One Design Studio

Meinl Percussion ↓

Meinl Percussion

Copimaj Interactive ↓

Copimaj Interactive

Adlucent ↓


CGInspired ↓


Zero One Hundred ↓

Zero One Hundred

Logobay ↓


Corking Design ↓

Corking Design

Gaby Castellanos ↓

Gaby Castellanos

Wrangler Face Off ↓

Wrangler Face Off

Festival Boreal ↓

Festival Boreal

Your Turn To Talk

Again, like I said at the beginning of the article, drop us comments and let us know what sites you liked best and if there are any we missed. Also, feel free to let us know what kind of round-up we should focus on next. If there’s something you’d like to see more of, let us know :)


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