Deal of the Week: Lizatom WordPress Shortcodes Plugin over 80% Off!

Even if you are just getting started using WordPress, most average users will know about shortcodes. These are the small bits of text which run PHP functions in your backend, only requiring a small tag in your post content. So you may run something like [greenbutton] or [redbutton] to include dynamic HTML elements right within your WordPress content.

The Lizatom Shortcodes plugin was built to encapsulate some of the most common interface features you will need. The plugin has shortcodes for buttons, columns, tables, accordion menus, tabbed widgets, and so much more. All of these features are quick to include from within any post or page in the administration panel.

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This current deal is phenomenal because you are purchasing one of the highest premium plugins released for WordPress developers. Newcomers are capable of picking up this plugin with just a few hours of practice. The regular price is $137 but going right now you can purchase the plugin for only $19USD. That is well over $100 worth of savings just for purchasing during this week. And you will also get three(3) free premium themes included with the bundle! Three entire WordPress themes added in for completely free.

In the words of the plugin’s web copy you can see there are over 5,000 different shortcodes to choose from. This plugin brings a lot of content to the table and you cannot beat the going price. Here is a small snippet from the website:

Easy to install, this lightweight, cross-browser plugin is jam packed with over 5,000 shortcodes that are simple to integrate into your site. The shortcodes are even mixed in seamlessly with your WordPress WYSIWYG, so you can spice up your content with just the click of a button. PLUS – This new version is 100% responsive and it also includes several new features such as: filterable portfolios as well as 3D Animated jQuery buttons and accordions.

spyrestudios referral animated buttons plugin shortcodes wordpress

If you are a WordPress user or freelancer who deals with clients managing WP, check out this plugin and see what you think. I have been very impressed just looking over the typical features. This plugin does not seem to have much competition, either. So along with the extra 3 premium themes it is a great investment to be used on almost any WP project.