Design Trends: 25 Of The Coolest iPhone APP Website Designs

Regardless if you have an iPhone or not (I currently do not – I’m a die hard blackberry addict) you have to admit that the Mac/iPhone style of design is super sleek and very pleasing on the eyes. A specific type of design trend I’ve seen a lot lately are the iPhone app websites.

They generally all follow the same plan of attack (for good reason) but it makes me wonder – are these sites being built to just blend in with the rest of the pack or are there some that stand out?

I went around online and found 25 of the coolest iPhone app websites – not necessarrally the coolest APPS, but the coolest website designs. What I found was a lot of the big iPhone image on the page, showcasing how the app actually looks. I also found a lot of darker website designs. We’ve featured dark website designs here before on SpyreStudios and today seems like it’s shaping up to be another notch in that belt.

The one thing I did notice – and loved – was the couple websites that did things differently. They didn’t feature a big iPhone image, they did brighter, more eye catching designs. These are truly my favorite out of the bunch.

Weightbot ↓


Dig Deep Fitness ↓

Dig Deep Fitness

Where Cloud ↓

Where Cloud

PokeSEO ↓


Birdfeed ↓


GoBible ↓


Cine Mobits ↓

Cine Mobits

2udoku ↓


Dockyard ↓


Fever ↓


Spendly ↓


Spiffing ↓


Tea Round ↓

Tea Round

Wheel of Tea ↓

Wheel of Tea

Thermometer ↓


Barista ↓


Little Snapper ↓

Little Snapper

Tweet Deck ↓

Tweet Deck

Classics ↓


Ego ↓


iShots ↓


Snow Reports ↓

Snow Reports

Bottle Rocket ↓

Bottle Rocket

Evernote ↓


Omni Focus ↓

Omni Focus

Your Turn To Talk

So what do you think? What are your favorite sites out of this list? And do you think this type of design trend is being overdone? Let us know in the comments.


  1. says

    Thanks for featuring Spiffing Apps, Mike.

    Re: whether or not the design trend is overdone. It’s tough to catch people’s attention by showcasing an iPhone app without showing the iPhone itself, and that instantly provides some constraints in terms of layout. Even so, it’s great to see such a variety of apps and styles all on one page. Thanks for putting it together.

  2. says

    Thanks for the very kind compliment. Bottle Rocket feels strongly that design aesthetics are a key component to anything related to the iPhone. We try hard to set ourselves apart from the background noise of apps by taking the time to make our apps “feel” like Apple could have made them. Every day we work to achieve this. And we’ve tried to do the same with our own web site (which is hard to find the time to do).

    Ironically we’re just about to release a whole new site which will be focusing on content as well as design. Our current site only has information on about 1/2 of our apps (cobbler’s kid’s shoes syndrome). That said, please check back in a couple of weeks. We’re trying something new. We’re going to base it completely on Word Press BUT try to maintain the high-design look of our current site.

    Please let us know what you think once we have it up.

    Thanks again.

  3. says

    Its great to see the Spendly website on this list. Thanks for the mention!

    iPhone App sites are kind of strange: they’re not the main avenue of sales, and its a strange process to push people to iTunes to buy the app. I think this is why most sites really focus on the iPhone and demo/screenshots, and are generally one pagers.

  4. says

    You take a tremendous amount of care to put your posts together. Another great entry. I’m even more jealous of those with iPhones now.

  5. Maneesh says

    nice collections. i liked fever, birdfeed and gobible interfaces.

  6. says

    Ooo it almost makes me want an iPhone just so i can have the Apps…

    Great post, I liked Barista, Tea Round and Wheel of Tea (sensing a theme?) -thought they all used their subject creatively and stylishly.

  7. says

    I really like that you put a list together, and that you took the time to have the images in your post, as opposed to just linking to the sites.

    Any thoughts on our design?

    We tried to set it apart by not sticking a shiny iPhone in the center of the site. Also wanted to have it visible on netbooks, so it’s a bit short on a large screen. Do you think there’s any merit to this direction, or we should all stick to the more or less glowing iPhones?


  8. says

    Very cool list of sites.
    If anyone out there wants to take a stab at designing our site for our app, we’d be more than excited !! ;) Good work designers!

  9. says

    That SEO application should come in handy. You can call it a handy application cause it’s really is in your hand. Suitable for webmasters, I guess.

    Thanks for the post.

  10. says

    For me the coolest iPhone app released in the last 6 months is FastMall which includes turn by turn directions from store to restroom to food at most of the largest shopping malls around the US, Canada and UK all without using GPS. You can shake your iphone and locate the nearest bathroom then be taken to it! Find sales, deals, coupons, remember where you parked, write lists to remember what to buy, post status on facebook and twitter, check in at malls, stores, review just about anything, video review anything, recalculate your trip using elevators only (amazing feature for moms with strollers or anyone in a wheelchair and much more which is unreal and FREE…this may be the best app of all time for the masses.

  11. says

    It’s funny how iPhone app websites tend to be really well designed. I wonder if it’s the same for Android apps?
    I guess Apple’s love for design must have a role in this.

  12. says

    It’s apps like these that make me want an iphone quite badly, think I’ll wait until the newest one is announced though. They all look so slick!

  13. says

    I’m thinking along the same lines Iain, although its really tempting to get the 3GS i’m going to wait for the new 4G – if its even called that but it shouldn’t be too much longer to wait with what i’ve heard

  14. says

    Amazing collection. Thanks for including Barista in the list. This will really give me the interest of getting a new Iphone this year. I prefer the one that is 16G so that I can add more apps. :-)

  15. Mia says

    I am supremely jealous of those with iPhones and am constantly surprised by the amount of apps out there. Though I must say I get pretty sick of people hovering towards them like moths to a flame when you are trying to have a nice, sociable dinner out or similar.

    That being said, I WANT ONE!

  16. says

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