Design Trends: 25 Of The Coolest iPhone APP Website Designs

Regardless if you have an iPhone or not (I currently do not – I’m a die hard blackberry addict) you have to admit that the Mac/iPhone style of design is super sleek and very pleasing on the eyes. A specific type of design trend I’ve seen a lot lately are the iPhone app websites.

They generally all follow the same plan of attack (for good reason) but it makes me wonder – are these sites being built to just blend in with the rest of the pack or are there some that stand out?

I went around online and found 25 of the coolest iPhone app websites – not necessarrally the coolest APPS, but the coolest website designs. What I found was a lot of the big iPhone image on the page, showcasing how the app actually looks. I also found a lot of darker website designs. We’ve featured dark website designs here before on SpyreStudios and today seems like it’s shaping up to be another notch in that belt.

The one thing I did notice – and loved – was the couple websites that did things differently. They didn’t feature a big iPhone image, they did brighter, more eye catching designs. These are truly my favorite out of the bunch.

Weightbot ↓


Dig Deep Fitness ↓

Dig Deep Fitness

Where Cloud ↓

Where Cloud

PokeSEO ↓


Birdfeed ↓


GoBible ↓


Cine Mobits ↓

Cine Mobits

2udoku ↓


Dockyard ↓


Fever ↓


Spendly ↓


Spiffing ↓


Tea Round ↓

Tea Round

Wheel of Tea ↓

Wheel of Tea

Thermometer ↓


Barista ↓


Little Snapper ↓

Little Snapper

Tweet Deck ↓

Tweet Deck

Classics ↓


Ego ↓


iShots ↓


Snow Reports ↓

Snow Reports

Bottle Rocket ↓

Bottle Rocket

Evernote ↓


Omni Focus ↓

Omni Focus

Your Turn To Talk

So what do you think? What are your favorite sites out of this list? And do you think this type of design trend is being overdone? Let us know in the comments.


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