A Look Into the DesignFaves Inspiration Gallery

After once glance at this website I could tell it’s something special. DesignFaves is meant to be an inspirational website focused on a broad spectrum of topics. Digital artwork is a big factor including web design, graphics design, even videos. There are so many categories that it’s practically a resource for any type of creative artist.

The layout is also superb – easy to navigate and structured for a simple reading experience. The content is also fantastic and nothing seems out-of-place. Sculptures, photography, architecture, even street artwork is a well-populated category. With such a beautiful responsive layout and plenty of great topics DesignFaves has become a personal favorite of mine.

If you’re trying to stay updated on the latest posts it shouldn’t be too difficult. They publish an RSS feed along with an e-mail newsletter containing the most recently popular articles. For users who prefer social media you can follow on Twitter @designfaves or check up on new posts through Facebook.

This is truly a refreshing look into the minds of artists from all over the world. If you have any curiosity to follow artists of any realm, DesignFaves is a great place to start browsing. Many posts will pinpoint the artwork of a single freelancer or design studio. So this could also be a nice way to find talent for your next project idea.

In the spirit of alluring design I’ve put together a gallery of 15 example posts from DesignFaves. You might recognize a few of these artists or spot something that merely catches your attention. Either way these posts are riveting and quite unique compared to other inspirational design galleries online.

Modernized retro cartoon posters by Tom Whalen

cartoon disney mickey mouse retro design

Album covers recreated with Lego blocks

popular music album covers in legos

Modern Manhattan architecture by Karim Rashid

karim rashid modern architecture designfaves

Unpublished Harry Potter illustrations by Mary GrandPré

harry potter illustrations unpublished

Reality-distorting murals by Papier Peintres

reality distorting paintings design showcase

Sci-fi book illustrations from the 1800s by Alphonse de Neuville

alphonse neuville 1800s scifi illustrations

Dresses made out of balloons by Rie Hosokai

funny fashion balloon dresses

Infinite staircase sculpture by David McCracken

infinite staircase sculpture artwork

Cute cats mimicking sexy men

funny cute cats imitating men poses

Foldable Helmets From Tokyo Safety

foldable working hats hardhats tokyo

Jet Capsule: A boat from the future

futuristic pod jet capsule ocean

Spomenik: Abandoned monuments or alien sculptures?

spomenik sculptures rare artefacts photos

Altered objects by Giuseppe Colarusso

unlikely altered real world objects artwork

Masterfully crafted wicker lamps by CKR

wicker light lamps products craftsmanship photos

Contemporary indoor seating by Nüvist

contemporary indoor seating photography design gallery