300 Eleven2 Hosting Accounts Up For Grabs!

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You read it right. We’ve partnered with the cool folks at Eleven2 to give away a ton of hosting accounts to readers of SpyreStudios.

Eleven2 Hosting

Here’s the deal

We have 300 accounts to give away. To get yours, head on over to Eleven2, check out their shared hosting plans or their reseller plans, follow the instructions to signup and enter the following coupon code: SpyreStudios

If you chose a shared hosting plan, the coupon code will give you the first 3 months for free. If you go for one of their reseller plans, you will get a $30 discount. This offer is not applicable to dedicated hosting plans.

Of course we would appreciate you spread the word about this on Twitter, Facebook, etc… ;)

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if there’s anything.

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12 thoughts on “300 Eleven2 Hosting Accounts Up For Grabs!

  1. Thanks for your coupon code. If I purchase 1 month billing cycle, can I still get 2 next months for free?

  2. Hi Doug, yes, when you enter the coupon for a shared hosting plan ($10/mo), you’ll get the 1st month free right away, and then the next 2 months will also be free ;)

  3. @Dainis: So far it’s been great! :)

    @Derrick: Cool, I’m sure you’ll like it!

    @Frank: I can’t say since I’ve never used HostGator so I can’t really compare the 2, but I know I’m very happy with E2 so far.

  4. I tried to sign up as reseller hosting E2 only give 1 month billing cycle. Hmm… wonder when will E2 give annual billing cycle.

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