30 Great Examples Of Drop-Down And Sliding Menus

While building a site for a client, I had to figure out the best way to display additional navigation in a horizontal menu (and not make it look like it’s 1999 again), so I went ahead and started looking for some inspiration. I’ve found many sites that had drop-down and sliding menus and I thought you’d be interested in my findings.

Please let me know what you think in the comment section. Know of any really cool drop-down and sliding menus that I missed? Share it with the rest of us!

Carreras Con Futuro ↓

Carreras Con Futuro

Apple Reviews ↓

Apple Reviews

Archer Group ↓

Archer Group

Energy Cell ↓

Energy Cell

Artkasa ↓


Bnet ↓


BuySellAds ↓


Ink’d ↓


Daily RT ↓

Daily RT

Designers Couch ↓

Designers Couch

Design Slurp ↓

Design Slurp

Behance Network ↓

Behance Network

EctoMachine ↓


Exposition Universelle Des Vins & Spiritueux ↓

Exposition Universelle Des Vins & Spiritueux

Explovent ↓


Hungry For Change – Food Inc. Movie ↓

Hungry For Change - Food Inc. Movie

Fuel Your Creativity ↓

Fuel Your Creativity

Freelance Switch ↓

Freelance Switch

Ipix Solutions ↓

Ipix Solutions

Koodoz Design ↓

Koodoz Design

Monash Carpet Services ↓

Monash Carpet Services

Mac Appstorm ↓

Mac Appstorm

Media Temple ↓

Media Temple

Website Temple ↓

Website Temple

Nest Living ↓

Nest Living

Peachpit ↓


Theme Shaper ↓

Theme Shaper

Threadless ↓


Vimeo ↓


Washington State Leadership Academy ↓

Washington State Leadership Academy

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So, did I miss any real cool drop-down menus? Please share your findings with the rest of us by leaving a comment below! :)


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