Fantastic Footers: 25 Examples And Best Practices

You’ve got a great design for your header and the content is well placed and flows nicely – but why stop there? When the viewer scrolls to the bottom of the page, are they greeted with only a credit link and a copyright notice? Your website’s footer is a great place to direct the attention of visitors to other areas of your site.

By checking out these 25 examples and seeing what works well for websites, you’ll be able to implement your own footer that keeps people’s attention when they’re at the bottom of your page. Of course, every design is different and a big footer might not work for your site or just be overkill, but on the other hand it might just be what your site needed.

Make sure you take notice on how many different styles there actually are in the footers – link-hub style, strictly design, contact forms, etc…

Superior Contracting Services ↓

Superior Contracting Services

Midnighters Club ↓

Midnighters Club

Mecannical ↓


Rubbik ↓


Demotive ↓


BEC Media ↓

BEC Media

Please Invite Me To Dribbble ↓

Dribbble Invite Request

Twitter Designs ↓

Twitter Designs

Grzegorz Kozak ↓

grzegorz kozak

Soh Tanaka ↓

Soh Tanaka

Run Addicts ↓

Run Addicts

Foxtie ↓


Morphix ↓


Enpresiv ↓


White House ↓

White House

Andi Gladwin ↓

andi gladwin

Irrational Games ↓

Irrational Games

Roaaar! ↓


Primo Motif ↓

Primo Motif

Vartro ↓


Ronihind ↓


Flourish ↓


Inseo ↓


YoDiv ↓


Indiqo Media ↓

Indiqo Media

Where’s Your Sexy Footer?

Do you have a killer footer in your site design? Let us know in the comments! ;)

Of course don’t forget to check out one of our previous posts on web usability where we talked about the importance of a great footer.


  1. says

    Our footer is also pretty unique – huge block of large text (using text-replacement technique). Might be worth checking out.

  2. says

    Some of the footers are really amazing and innovative…. @Simone: your footer is pretty cool too though in my opinion the floor has gone down a tad bit more than it should. May be you can lift it up so that its a bit closer to the footer content. :)

    What do you guys think about my site’s footer? :)

    <——P.S.: Click on my picture to go to site ^_^

  3. enam says

    nice collection but hey 1 min…you forgot to include your own site footer man…this is also cool….;)

  4. TGD Studios says

    Fantastic! Love the ones for midnighters club and fusebox creations so much, these have great depth. Excellent!

  5. says

    Some awesome footer designs I will say! Very inspiring. I’m starting to generate ideas for my portfolio’s next redesign. Thanks for the list!

  6. says

    Thanks for featuring my website design here, I’m proud of it and always looking to refine it, but it’s nice to be acknowledged for how far I’ve gotten with it to date, not to mention to be featured alongside such great and inspiring fellow designs.

  7. says

    I love this post, a lot of these are great, but I’m starting to see a lot of footers that take up almost a full screen, I’m not too into those really long footers, to me they make a page look too crowded.

  8. says

    I particularly like Grzegorz Kozak’s website as it’s very artistic and the footer complements the rest of the web design layout very well.
    Large footers have become increasingly used on the web this year, and a common trend in good websites. I’ve found that they make the website more appealing to look at, especially illustrated websites.


  1. Fantastic Footers: 25 Examples And Best Practices…

    When the viewers scroll to the bottom of the page, are they greeted with only a credit link and a copyright notice? That’s a great place to direct the attention of visitors to other areas of your site….

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