Hello World – SpyreStudios Is Now Live (finally!)

Hello world! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Yep, so this site is now up and running! I finally managed to find some time to do it between 2 blog designs for clients. :)

I guess I should start by telling you what this site is about and introduce myself, right? (hey, if you already know me, just jump to the comment section and say hi!)

Ok, so my name’s Jon, I’m a blogger, writer, designer and musician. I’m from Montreal, Canada. I started drinking because of… wait! What?

How I Got Started

I started blogging on Smart Wealthy Rich, a blog which I have now sold to my good friend Liz Strauss.

I was writing about blogging, entrepreneurship, and stuff like that. It was a blast to write on this blog (and I hope to write on it again eventually), many of the posts on there received over 100 comments. Really a lot of fun! Go check it out! :)

Freelance Folder

Then I started Freelance Folder, a multi-author blog about freelancing, web-working, business, productivity, etc… After almost a year blogging on SWR (smartwealthyrich) I just felt like it’d be cool to share the spotlight with other bloggers. Freelance Folder was my main project (apart from this blog) till I sold it to Mason Hipp.

What About This Site?

We (the Spyre team) wanted to start this blog for many reasons. The main reason is that we needed a place to write about SpyreStudios and our projects and personally because I wanted to write about my personal experiences as a web-designer and also give some tips on blogging, building an online community, social media and of course, design. :)

So here it is: SpyreStudios!

Make yourself at home, enjoy your stay, and leave a comment below (even if it’s just to say hi!)

*note: don’t forget to grab the RSS feed! :)


  1. says

    Hey Z, yep finally launched, was about time heh?
    hot png/xhtml action? It almost sounds like a bad porn movie or something! lol (but yeah, we can take PNG/PSD files and turn them into css/xhml! Voila, sales pitch hehe )

    *note: Zasta is my partner, and we do lots of design work together, I’ll write a more glorious introduction soon since we’re in this together hehe :)

  2. says

    @Jacob – hehe, welcome! :)

    @James – J’ai bin hate de voir ce que je vais écrire moi aussi! lol
    Subscribe to comments? Well, you know me, I always forget to add that one, I need some time to fix some small bugs though :)

  3. says

    I thought I would receive an email once the site was launched ;-) .

    Looks cool. That’a all I am going to say here, additional feedbacks via email or SKYPE :-)

    It looks grrreeaatttttttttttttt, and man I am so glad it’s finally live …. Congratulations!

  4. says

    @Ritu – I actually sent you an email yesterday a couple minutes before midnight (told you it’d be online Sunday), gotta leave now, but will be on Skype tonight :)

  5. says

    Hey jon, yup! I just checked my other email and found all your messages. Sorry!

    I hardly check that email anymore so when you send me an email please send it to my usual one. that’s the one I use all the time. I might be online later not sure though.

  6. says

    You need to update the about section of this post :-P you no longer own Freelance Folder, and people CAN expect more than 2 posts a week here now. haha

    It’s cool to look back and see where you started on this blog. It’s come a LONG way. congrats man!

  7. says

    Hey Mike,

    haha, I guess you’re right – after I saw your comment I went back and checked some older posts, damn this blog has evolved since I launched it hehe (and thanks a lot for being part of it man!) :)

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