How do You Design Good Infographics?

Infographics are an interesting breed of dense information crammed into colorful cartoons and illustrations. This trend started a few years back on the Internet and has grown into a steady resource for learning. People all around the world are consuming knowledge via these graphics – and they’re perfect for nearly any situation.

But how did these things get so popular? It’s a difficult tale to explain how viral trends arise – but the infographic below includes some fantastic examples of how you can utilize this data. Designers and web developers alike are known for picking up knowledge and sharing with others. This is why infographics can be marketed so successfully through online blogs and social media websites.

Creating and Designing Data

The concept of infographics is perfect for a studious graphics designer. Marketing potential is huge when you research facts and cite sources for your conclusions. The smaller tips tend to be the most powerful when you consider just how many people are on the Internet everyday.

Colorful graphics and illustrations also play a big role. You need to captivate readers and draw in your factual evidence. Be creative and really throw in some pizzazz! You want something to catch the eye – graphics, pie charts, tables, these are all ways of portraying data without seeming too boring.

But aside from beautiful design and proper data you also have to consider marketing. Infographics are so popular amongst the right Internet communities – think Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon. But if you don’t have any presence in these websites then it’s difficult getting your pages seen. When you can work with other marketers to get your links out there, it’s no problem drawing attention to your website! Just make sure the design is solid and your information stacks up to scrutiny.

The guys over at Infographic Labs have put out a new graphic explaining what they are and how these got to be so popular. Check out the info and be sure to share with your friends online.

What is an infographic?