Launching the Brand New SpyreStudios Job Board

Over the past week we have launched a new job board for SpyreStudios. This is the perfect bulletin board for marketing any freelance work or full-time job opportunities. Since Spyre attracts such a broad audience we can incorporate many different topics including layout design, graphics/icons, web development, and Internet Marketing.

SpyreStudios Job Board preview screenshot

If you check out the live website you’ll notice everything is very simple to navigate. All current jobs are posted from top-to-bottom with the most recent listings first. The Spyre board is still brand new, so any job opportunities you post will get massive exposure.

Targeting Freelancers

The field of web design & development is full of freelance workers. It’s a very difficult skill to master, but designers from all over the world are available to work with you on various projects. SpyreStudios is a very popular magazine among freelancers, and this demographic fits in perfectly for different job capabilities.

Spend some extra time considering your job posting title, description, and contact details. We want to keep the board as slim as possible making it super easy for freelancers to get in touch.

If your offer doesn’t get much attention after 30-60 days we can always re-post the same listing. Just keep in mind that as we scale the job board more freelancers will slowly return for additional work. It may take some time to put together such an audience – but SpyreStudios reels in some of the most talented designers you’ll meet!

Contract Positions

The Job Board is also open for full-time work opportunities. If your business needs any type of digital marketing, development, or design work then definitely consider sharing a listing.

When posting a full-time position it would be good to clarify that in the title and description. Communication can be tough and we want to keep everybody on the same page. Additionally if you have a specific reference for your company it would be helpful to share direct contact methods. These could include a phone number, e-mail address, or chat/IM client username.

The Growing Network

We hope to see a large number of new participants as the weeks progress. We will be keeping the Spyre Job Board updated as frequently as possible. And of course we want to provide the best user experience for both parties.

SpyreStudios Web Designer job board posting

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to get in touch and contact us. We would love to hear user feedback about anything we can to do make the job board easier to use. You can also send us a message if you have any questions about creating a new listing.

Our goal is to create a safe environment for creative professionals to land contract projects. Freelance work is obviously the most popular and we encourage all freelancers to check the job boards every couple of days or weeks. But aside from the typical design/development jobs there will be plenty of opportunity for full-time employment as well.

Definitely check back frequently if you’re looking to land a small gig, or alternatively if you’re looking to hire a creative designer. Our hope is to build the Spyre Job Board into a collective meeting ground for some of the best design talent worldwide.

Check out the Job Board